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Bike Camps in the Glemm Valley

Why learning in a group is easyer

Every beginning is hard. This saying particularly holds true for mountain biking. Those who would prefer a more leisurely start to their sports career can take part in a bike camp. There are a number of bike camps on offer during the summer months in the Home Lässig, for ladies, kids, trail riders or E-bikers. The selection is vast and there is something to suit every ability and age group.

“Rotate the hips outwards, follow the curve and keep the shoulders parallel with the handlebars…!” It could all be so much easier to manoeuvre that tight bend, at least in theory and then put into practice. No master has been trained in one day, practice makes perfect. Therefore it is of enormous benefit for beginners to participate in a bike camp. After all, every ski rookie learns his/her first turns from a ski instructor. More importantly, a bike camp is simply great fun. Learning with others is easier, and tips are exchanged.

“Push the bike to the left and the right! No, not by using the upper part of the body – that should remain steady! Only with the use of the arms! Bend and extend...” Mountain biking is easy – if you master the correct basic techniques and have a little feeling for your bike and where you are riding. The tutor is responsible for teaching the basic techniques, the feel for the bike you will discover yourself. No matter if kids, ladies or E-bikers – everyone has to learn the basics before they head onto the trails! Therefore, various exercises must be completed such as: braking correctly, steering, negotiating curves. All these exercises are firstly demonstrated by the tutor, then practised by the students.

Motivation and Group Dynamics

“At the beginning do not ride too fast and always keep focused on the trail. Brake before a banked curve and then just let yourself go!” Now the fun really starts. The first trail, of which there are plenty of in the Home of Lässig. From easy flow trails to downhill tracks. Bike camp participants prefer the former. Initially, one will approach the curves with caution, but after a little while, you be tackling them like a natural. The rest of the group cheer on the trail novices and the first achievements will be celebrated together. You will only experience such group dynamics at bike camps. After the first run, hop into the gondola and back up the mountain again. Everyone will be affected by the biking bug.

Participants become friends

Of course, there will be rest breaks on a bike camp, the best of which are taken at one of the numerous cosy mountain huts in the Bikecircus. Tuck into local dishes such as Kaiserschmarren, Brettljausn and Kasnockn, which everyone will be raving about. Bike camp participants will quickly become buddies, maybe forever friends! After regaining strength with the help of local cuisine, it’s back onto the saddle. Now it is time to practice the correct technique for negotiating steeper sections. It’s really quite simple, one just needs to be confident. The bike coach will offer you words of encouragement. Done and dusted and suddenly the steeper sections no longer feel so steep. “Tomorrow we will meet here again at 9 o’clock!” But at camp is the day not over, as after biking it’s time for buddies to head off for the first time to a café, to dinner, a wellness area in the hotel or a drink at the bar. If you fancy participating in one of the bike camps, you will find numerous bike camps on offer in the Glemm Valley.

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