Wandern in Saalbach | © Mia Maria Knoll Wandern in Saalbach | © Mia Maria Knoll


Outdoor adventures for women


Anyone can climb a peak and admire the view. To transform this into an all-round enjoyable day in nature, the right dimensions are still missing: To feel the wind, listen to Alpine Choughs, drink refreshing water from a stream. If you have always wondered the difference between mosses and vascular plants, why there are shells and carts in the rocks, or why regional culture and land use shape the landscape, you can opt for a hike with a local nature and landscape guide.


Miriam's yoga journey began about 10 years ago. In Saalbach, her hometown, skiing and mountain biking are two of her great passions, which also involved a certain risk of injury for Miriam, so she looked for a more gentle balance. Yoga is the path to more awareness and self-empowerment for body, mind & soul - a never-ending journey. Miriam's style is to mix traditional with cutting edge, always in search of inspiration and knowledge.


Franziska, who lives in the beautiful Pinzgau region, is a forest mindfulness trainer and certified herbalist. "The forest is my soul workshop where I can restore myself when experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety and sorrow. I love the forest and its infinite healing power."