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Terms of participation

This year again, ALL Mountainbikers (including license holders) are invited to participate in the World Games of Mountainbiking. Participants under the age of 18 will need a signed form of consent from their parents in order for them to participate. 


For your own safety, the wearing of a helmet is compulsory.


Mobile rescue team

In the event of a serious injury our Event Promotor has arranged for a mobile rescue team consisting of a Doctor and 2 Paramedics.


Technical requirements

The World Games of Mountainbiking is an event which uses mountain bikes only. No other bike type will be permitted. Furthermore, it is also not allowed to replace frames or wheels. Before the race, every biker should carry out a safety inspection. Bikes which are electronically assisted are not permitted.


Start numbers

All participants are required to display their start numbers which are provided by the Event Promoter with their bib number and frame number (necessary also for training). Please note that start number bibs should remain intact e.g. not torn or cut-up. The advertising on the numbers must remain visible.


Street and traffic regulations

The event will partly take place on public routes which have not been closed to traffic. Each participant is to obey all enforced traffic laws. Furthermore, the Competition Code of Conduct must also be adhered to. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.



The Jury is made up of three individuals, each representing one of the following event establishments:

  • The Promoter
  • The Organiser
  • The Adjudicator

This Committee is set up previous to the event and has the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure the layout of the course
  • Controlling the stop watches
  • Assess the time limits
  • Verify time evaluation and result lists
  • Inspect equipment
  • Handle complaints and objections
  • Ensure that rules and regulations are being observed

Disqualification and penalties

The Jury and/ or Chief Referee reserve the right to penalise or disqualify a participant from the race when one of the following applies:

  • Equipment with technical defects
  • Participant's health problems
  • Violation of Rules
  • Un-sportmanlike conduct
  • Discarding litter

Protest procedure

Protests concerning incidents during the race must be submitted to the Jury within 15 minutes of the race's finish. The protest must also be accompanied by a € 50 fee which will be reimbursed if the protest is acknowledged.


Award ceremony

Times and places for award ceremony - please see programme.


Photography & filming

During the whole competition, photographers and video filmers are shooting footage in the event area.


Environmental protection

The handing over of food and drinks will only be permitted in the designated "Food Zones". Disposing of litter in areas other than these zones will lead to disqualification.
Competition protocol:

  • Slower participants must clear the way immediately to allow faster competitors to overtake
  • Blind sections of the route need to be taken with extreme caution
  • Repairs must be made in a visible area off the course
  • Changing lanes in the last lap of the race leading to the finish line is not permitted
  • Pause/Stop: To make a stop at a restaurant/hut is prohibited throughout the race and will result in disqualification

These rules are primarily in place to ensure your own safety. Violation of the Rules and Regulations can subsequently lead to being disqualified from the race.



Organisers, sponsors and officials are not responsible in any way or means for injuries/damages that are sustained during the event. A condition to participate is that bikers must take all responsibility for damages to themselves and others as well as their equipment throughout the competition and cannot hold other people, institutions or companies liable for damage.


The marathon will partially take place on public roads, where the Road Traffic Act applies. You should always be prepared for oncoming traffic.
The organiser does not accept any liability for accidents!

The Organisers, sponsors and other individuals who are part of the event are not responsible in any way for injury or illness of participants during the event. They are also not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings. Responsibility will be taken only if it is proven that a staff member was reckless.
Mildly disrupting behaviour which leads to injury will also be dealt with under the parameters defined in the Insurance Manuel. Participants must agree not to hold any organisational party responsible for injury or theft sustained during the competition.

Changes and modifications

Change of venue and date must be announced immediately to all participants. In the event of change by the organiser which is  not convenient fo the participant, the participant has one week after the initial announcement to withdraw his/her entry in writing. In the case of cancellation the participant will receive a refund of pre-determined sum.

Any changes with regards to rules, the race course and track profiles are the responsibility of the organiser and will be posted on a board at the Information Desk in the Race Office.


Must be accompanied by an appeal up to four weeks before the event (with a processing fee of € 8.00). No refunds after the four week time frame!


Subject to change!