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The World Games Marathon

Race details Marathon

For the Marathon 80 & 58 a time limit will be  fixed (13:30 hours Hacklbergalm).  Those who go over this time limit will automatically be entered into the 42 km marathon. A second time limit will be set for the Marathon 80 at the Zwölferkogel (14.30 Uhr Hintermaisalm). Those who go over this time limit should continue participating in the 58 km Marathon.


Age categories MARATHON:

  • Rookies Girls/Boys (2004 - 2005) - only MA 21!
  • Youth Women/Men  (2001 – 2003)
  • Expert Women/Men (1990 – 2000)
  • Senior Expert Women/Men (1980 - 1989)
  • Master Women (1979 and older)
  • Master Men (1970 - 1979)
  • Senior Master Men (1969 and older)
  • Handicapped (independent of age in Marathon 21 & 31)

Handicap Evaluation M21 & M31

Participants with C1 or C2 classification will receive a 10% time credit.


Subject to be changed!

For those with stamina

In this event endurance comes first! The "Pinzgauer Grass Mountains" present quite a challenge, with an incline from 1,000 to 2,100 metres.
The total 80.44 kilometres course with an altitude difference of 3,678 m take bikers through the Austrian holiday resort with picture book views and situated in spectacular mountain scenery demand the utmost fitness from the athletes.


Fantastic for spectators

Our spectators are standing not only at the finish to cheer on their heroes but also at the highest point of the route on the summit of the Schattberg, where music will entertain all.



Packages & Prices 

Full Package: € 59,00    
  • World Games T-Shirt
  • Bib number
  • Starting fee for two disciplines (marathon and cross country)
  • Free entrance to the partys
  • 2 x Pasta Party
  • Trackside catering
  • Massage
Single Package: € 49,00
  • World Games T-Shirt
  • Bib number
  • Starting fee for one discipline (marathon or cross country)
  • Free entrance to the partys
  • Trackside catering
  • 1 x Pasta Party

Registration deadline

Saturday, 7th September, 08.00 h


Start Marathon: 

Saturday, 7th September, 09.00 h



Early Bird Special

  • When registering until 15.08.2019 you will receive a personalized bib number


register now!




Special price for single ride to Schattberg and Westgipfel lifts.

  • adults: € 13,00
  • youth: € 10,00
  • kids: € 6,50

The special price is only valid on Saturday, 07.09.2019!

Free ascent with the JOKER CARD!



THE Marathon-Distances

Something very special about the World Games of Mountainbiking Marathon is that after the mass start of all participants you can decide which distance you will participate in during the race. This means that you can be flexible in changing your plans and attempt either a shorter or longer distance. Of course you can also make your decision in advance. Please find the track plans and altitude profiles of the whole route and various distances below:

the distances:

  • MA 21 with 726 meters of altitude
  • MA 31 with 970 meters of altitude
  • MA 42 with 1.992 meters of altitude
  • MA 58 with 2.852 meters of altitude
  • MA 80 with 3.652 meters of altitude