Glemmride Party | © Hannes Berger


Glemmride Bands 2019

currently confirmed bands at the GlemmRide 2019. 

Further bands & head liners will follow soon.

Masters Of Dirt


MASTERS OF DIRT is the largest and craziest Freestyle Show on the planet and the guys sure know how to party. That’s why they will be hosting the official GlemmRide After party at the Goaßstall featuring some of their best DJ´s and heavy rock from Drum’n‘Bass to Electro! You can also visit them at their fashion booth, where you can get a free tattoo whilst chilling out with the crew!




  • Saturday, July 6th from 22:30 h after party at the Goaßstall
Left Hand Right


LEFT HAND RIGHT is a 3 men unplugged show from the Pinzgau/Austria.





  • Friday, July 13th at the Bergstadl
  • Friday, July 13th & Saturdsay, July 14th from 22:00 h in the Harley Bar


MISANTRÖPICS? The „Ö“ is based on Motörhead and of course as a tribute to Mötley Crüe. One of the reasons the band was established is that there are just too many musicians that take things too seriously. Another reason is that sometimes one needs something to be distracted from the current madness that is happening in the world. The music presents a way of letting off steam and forgetting about the world for a while.



  • Saturday, July 6th from 22:30 h after party at the Harley Bar
  • Sunday, July 7th from approx. 10:00 h GlemmStreet unplugged at the expo area