Glemmride Party | © Hannes Berger


Glemmride Bands & DJs 2019

artists at the GlemmRide bike festival 2019 

Krautschädl | © Philipp Hirtenlehner


KRAUTSCHÄDL is going on a last big club tour this year. A toothbrush will be taken along, a lot of good humour and the most beautiful songs from 15 years of band history, from veteran lane hawkers, popular all-time classics to their very personal favourites. And of course there will also be one or two surprises. So, come on, everybody - let's celebrate our common history once again and toast to the 15 most beautiful years of all time. We are looking forward to each and every one of you!



  • Saturday, July 6th from 20:45 h live on the mainstage
Parasol Caravan | © Rene Huemer


Ready for take-off? Buckle up and hold on tight when the “fuzztronauts” of PARASOL CARAVAN start their spaceship and speed across the stage with the riff force of a supernova. The Linz-based band counts on calm psychedelic moments merged with heavy fuzz and driving guitar riffs, a fusion epitomizing the right amount of progressiveness and beaming the listener directly into orbit.
Since their formation in 2009, Parasol Caravan's fuzztronauts have worked tirelessly on their reputation as an outstanding live act in the stoner rock cosmos. After support shows for big names like Truckfighters, Kadavar, and Colour Haze, the band is raring to release their long-awaited new LP and one thing is certain: the Fuzz is strong with this one!  

  • Friday, July 5th from 21:15 h live on the mainstage
Masters Of Dirt


MASTERS OF DIRT is the largest and craziest Freestyle Show on the planet and the guys sure know how to party. That’s why they will be hosting the official GlemmRide After party at the Goaßstall featuring some of their best DJ´s and heavy rock from Drum’n‘Bass to Electro! You can also visit them at their fashion booth, where you can get a free tattoo whilst chilling out with the crew!




  • Saturday, July 6th from 22:30 h after party at the Goaßstall


BEAT THE DANCEFLOOR is an association of DJ Andreas Hölzlwimmer and drummer Michael Dreilich (Blackout Problems), who bring every club to boil with HipHop and Classics and an energetic performance. In their live sets they play each other through contemporary Hip Hop & Rap, but don't stop at classical Old School hits or other musical genres. In the past years BTD have brought aftershow parties of big festivals like Bergfestival, Taubertal Festival and many more to boil.



  • Friday, July 5th from 00:00 h Afterparty at the Goaßstall

DJ icecap & DJ Chris crisp

DJ CHRIS CRISP ist schon seit mehr als 15 Jahren Resident DJ im P1 und hat schon Einsätze in Metropolen wie London, Paris auf Ibiza und vielen Events hinter sich. DJ ICECAP ist Deutschlands bester Show-DJ im Hip-Hop Bereich und hat Einsätze in den größten Discotheken quer durch Europa.





  • Samstag, 06. Juli ab ca. 15:30 Uhr auf der Mainstage

cats on bricks & dj kalua


CATS ON BRICKS are the shooting stars of 2019 in the DJ heaven ! Their current single "IN MY BRAIN" is at the top of the charts. Live Karsten Kiessling (Munich) & Guido Heuber (Saalbach) provide the best electronic vibes. With their sets they brought the ULTRA Music Festival (Miami), the SuperClub Hï (Ibiza) but also the Montana Royal (Saalbach) to the boil. 

They are supported by KALUA (Martin S.)



  • Friday, July 5th & Saturday July 6th from 23:00 h at the Tanzhimmel
Mountain Reggae Radio


MOUNTAIN REGGAE RADIO Soundsystem – Reaggae Lable & Virtual DJ Radio from Austria.
The two reggae loving bikers from Austria have been hitting the scene for the last 4 years with their DJ Soundsystem and Virtual Radio – absolute Real Reggae Vibes – Roots, Dancehall, Ska, RaggaMuffin…..
They stand for sport, fun and the love of music and support artists & friends all around the world!


  • Thursday, July 4th at 21:00 h Welcome-party at the Goaßstall
  • Friday July 5th, Saturday July 6th, Sunday July 7th from approx. 12:00 h Reggae sound at the SCOTT Pumptrack Area


It all began about 17 years ago with a love of hip-hop and digging in boxes for soul, funk and reggae. 
From this point of view he discovered all continents from the roots to contemporary music like Trap, Baile Funk, Koduro, Jersey Club, Grime and Idm. In between SCHATCON organizes CluBnights, Hip Hop Festivals and concerts to support Austrian artists. On his DJ sets, SCHATCON plays bass-loaded contemporary club music combined with hip hop and funk. 
Music without borders of countries and genres.


  • Friday, July 5th from 21:00 h Afterparty at the Goaßstall



Alongside the main acts, cool beats and festival sounds are provided by the WOW DJ Kollectiv with Pinzgauer artists Banazonic, Hia5, Max Wolf & Gerilla.






  • Thursday, July 4rd, Friday, July 5th & Saturday, July 6th during the day at the mainstage.
Left Hand Right


LEFT HAND RIGHT is a 3 men unplugged show from the Pinzgau/Austria.





  • Wednesday, July 3rd from 19:00 h at the Spielberghaus in Saalbach
  • Friday, July 5th from 13:00 h at the Bergstadl & from approx. 22:00 h in the Harley Bar


MISANTRÖPICS? The „Ö“ is based on Motörhead and of course as a tribute to Mötley Crüe. One of the reasons the band was established is that there are just too many musicians that take things too seriously. Another reason is that sometimes one needs something to be distracted from the current madness that is happening in the world. The music presents a way of letting off steam and forgetting about the world for a while.



  • Saturday, July 6th from 22:30 h after party at the Harley Bar
  • Sunday, July 7th from approx. 11:00 h GlemmStreet unplugged at the expo area
Chris & Mike


Sunday without sound? - that's not possible with GlemmRide!
CHRIS & MIKE (band members of 7 Dials Mystery) deliver completely unadulterated sound in the Expo Area at GlemmStreetUnplugged.




  • Sunday, July 7th from 11:00 h GlemmStreet unplugged at the expo area