DJANGO 3000 | © Saalbach Hinterglemm / Mirja Geh


Glemmride Bands 2018

Erwin & Edwin | © Mercan S++mb++ltepe








  • Friday, July 13th at 21:00 h live on the mainstage
Masters Of Dirt


MASTERS OF DIRT is the largest and craziest Freestyle Show on the planet and the guys sure know how to party. That’s why they will be hosting the official GlemmRide After party at the Goaßstall featuring some of their best DJ´s and heavy rock from Drum’n‘Bass to Electro! You can also visit them at their fashion booth, where you can get a free tattoo whilst chilling out with the crew!




  • Friday, July 13th from 22:30 h after party at the Goaßstall
The Uptown Monotones

the uptown monotones & The World best beatboxers

THE UPTOWN MONOTONES - What starts off as a classy folk concert quickly mutates into a rollicking clash of pulsating sound clouds that reverberates throughout the concert hall. The Uptown Monotones are known for consistently serving up musical surprises. Their repertoire features a fresh mix of off-beat, driving pop songs, unique cover versions and a barrage of electronic and ethno-inspired improvisational performances. Way-out, and yet strangely down-home … Their explosive stage show will rock your boat like a hurricane! VOCALS – GUITARS – BEATBOX – SPACE



  • Saturday, July 14th from 20:30 h live on the mainstage
Wax Wreckaz


WAX WRECKAZ are a DJ-/production ensemble based in Austria. The crew consists of Busy Fingaz, Juwee, Fu and Sensay. Four music lovers who grew up in different social circumstances. From the punk rock skateboarding dude to the son of a conductor with a classical music education. The four got to know each other in 1999 when the attended a graphic design school. The rest is history.




  • Saturday, July 14th from 22:00 h after party at the Goaßstall
Mountain Reggae Radio


MOUNTAIN REGGAE RADIO Soundsystem – Reaggae Lable & Virtual DJ Radio from Austria.
The two reggae loving bikers from Austria have been hitting the scene for the last 4 years with their DJ Soundsystem and Virtual Radio – absolute Real Reggae Vibes – Roots, Dancehall, Ska, RaggaMuffin…..
They stand for sport, fun and the love of music and support artists & friends all around the world!


the new live collective

Live Saxophone, Live Drums, Live Violin and groovy DJ Beats? That's us!

THE NEW LIVE COLLECTIVE is a young team of musicians and DJs playing since 2017. Therefore we combine DJ Beats with acoustic instruments and develop new, innovative music- and show concepts. Our artists play internationally in clubs, at events and on festivals. 


  • Saturday, July 14th from approx. 23:00 h Afterparty at the Goaßstall (indoor)


Alongside the main acts, cool beats and festival sounds are provided by the WOW DJ Kollectiv with Pinzgauer artists Schwarzmarct, Banazonic, Hia5 & Gerilla.





  • Friday, July 13th & Saturday, July 14th during the day at the mainstage and at the evening from 22:00 h in the Jennerwein & Tanzhimmel
Left Hand Right


LEFT HAND RIGHT is a 3 men unplugged show from the Pinzgau/Austria.





  • Friday, July 13th at the Bergstadl
  • Friday, July 13th & Saturdsay, July 14th from 22:00 h in the Harley Bar
The Misantröpics | © The Misantröpics


MISANTRÖPICS? The „Ö“ is based on Motörhead and of course as a tribute to Mötley Crüe. One of the reasons the band was established is that there are just too many musicians that take things too seriously. Another reason is that sometimes one needs something to be distracted from the current madness that is happening in the world. The music presents a way of letting off steam and forgetting about the world for a while.




  • Sunday, July 15th from 10:00 h GlemmStreet unplugged at the expo area
Chris & Mike








  • Sunday, July 15th from 10:00 h GlemmStreet unplugged at the expo area
Con Fusiòn








  • Sunday, July 15th from 10:00 h GlemmStreet unplugged at the expo area