Ride with the Pros at GlemmRide Bike Festival Saalbach | © Klaus Listl Ride with the Pros at GlemmRide Bike Festival Saalbach | © Klaus Listl

Ride with the pros

Lea Schaepe - Kunstradfahren | © Lea Schaepe

artistic cycling show followed by workshop

Lea Schaepe, Freestyle Artistic Cyclist, presents an unrivalled fusion of athleticism, artistry and innovation and invites you into a fascinating world of artistic cycling where the impossible is redefined with every turn of the wheel. After the show, you will have the opportunity to try out the bike and learn cool tricks.

The proceeds go to an artistic cycling club for children in Rwanda, Africa.


  • When: THURSDAY, 11th July at 15:00 h, FRIDAY, 12th July at 10:30 h and 15:00 h, SATURDAY, 13th July at 10:30 h
  • Registration for the workshop: after the show on site
  • Meeting point: to be announced
GlemmRide 2023 / Ride with the Pros | © Saalbach, Yvonne Hörl


Experience the ultimate mountain bike workshop with the Masters of Dirt Pro MTB riders Daniel Ruso, Elias Ruso, Nicholi Rogatkin and Clemens Kaudela. Whether beginner, advanced or pro, we have the perfect group for you. Participants aged 12 and over are welcome! A valid lift pass is required for participation.


  • When: FRIDAY, 12th  July from 10:00 - 13:00 h and SATURDAY, 13th July from 10:00 - 13:00 h
  • Registration: Online at Masters of Dirt
  • Meeting Point: at the Masters of Dirt stand



Magura | © Magura, Eric Junker

MAGURA RIDE OUT by ERIC JUNKER & anja kallenbach

Eric and Anja go with you on one of the most famous trails of the valley. On the Hacklberg I and II, they show you how to play down the Hacklberg with a lot of flow. Fancy some tips and a relaxed ride out?


  • When: SATURDAY, 14th July from 11:00 until approx. 13:30 h
  • Registration: at the MAGURA stand (limited number of participants, first come - first serve!)
  • Meeting Point: at the MAGURA stand