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15 km long power trail along the river Saalach in Saalbach Hinterglemm awaits ambitious geocachers. To find geocaching items is a real challenge here. A lot more “treasures” have been accumulated in the course of time, which are just waiting to be found by geocachers. Geocaching should not be mistaken as just a tourist attraction. Geocaching happens everywhere around the world. The little “ treasures” are hidden by cachers for cachers. As a part of the geocaching community, you will have access to the coordinates and start your geocaching experience. Therefore, you can sign up for free, and if you have a smart phone you can download the geocaching App and be an immediate geocacher!


A further interesting cache series can be found along the SEVEN SUMMITS Tour - which demands a good fitness level!


There is almost too many caches for one holiday

in Saalbach Hinterglemm and the entire Pinzgau region is a potential geocacher paradise. Mostly local geocachers use very beautiful places with extraordinary designed caches. Some caches are well-camouflaged. They are often hidden in tree roots or pine cones.