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Wood Symposium

A StreetArt festival centred around all things wooden.

8th Holzsymposium from 19th to 21st July: Wood will be sawn and carved and there will most certainly be plenty of wood chippings! Slowly, but surely a unique open-air Vernissage will unfold, where the talented hands of around 25 carpenters from the Alpine region will create diverse works of art.

Open-air workshop

Spectators can stroll through fine clouds of sawdust and take in the aroma of pine, whilst hammers and chainsaws provide the background music. Wander between the various stations and enjoy a coffee or cool beer in one of the cafés, whilst observing the artists at work. Creativity abounds with chiselling, sawing and hammering. Hour by hour, you can witness the finished product emerge.


Jörg Schnell is one of the three event organisers, which will take place this year for the seventh time. The 29-year-old Glemmtalerhof hotelier discovered his artistic flair and love of wood at an early age. “Even as a young lad I was helping my older brother, Florian in the workshop. At that time I was designated less dangerous tasks, to keep my fingers away from danger. I still enjoy assisting today, as well as working on my own project”. Together with Florian Breitfuss-Wolf and Herbert “Schnitza” Aschaber, Jörg makes up a number of around 25 woodworkers from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, who will gather in the Glemm Valley to demonstrate their skills between the 20th to 22nd July for an open-air Vernissage.

Passionate Woodworms

The theme this year is „H(ART)WOOD”, a theme which all participants can interpret individually according to their mood. Besides, the Holzsymposium artists are extremely versatile – from the colourful tattooed free spirit to the traditional figurine carver, the professional mask chiseller, furniture maker and wood turners, a delicate woman to the bearded man with many skills. The works of art are varied, as Jörg Schnell explains “From the early hours of Saturday until Sunday lunchtime, the artists have time for their creations. Some starting on their pieces of art with huge chain saws and others by chiselling the first contours. Pieces of furniture, realistic portraits, huge sculptures or filigree figures. When all the complete works of art are put on display in front of the Glemmtalerhof on Sunday, one can see just how variable the artistic skills are. Whether a professional or newcomer – every artist has the same chance and each piece of work is evaluated. The three winning pieces stay in the village and will be exhibited in the Alpine Palace hotel”.

Familiar atmosphere

..Where the wood is planed, wood shavings fall! At the Holzsymposium the trail of wood shavings leads the way to the artists. The air is filled with the vibration of activity and spectators find themselves in the centre of a creative atmosphere. More or less like one big family, the artists have grown together over the years and are eagerly looking forward to the event. Chris Hammer, winner of last year’s Holzsymposium says “Naturally I will also be back again this year, something massive would have to happen for me to miss out on the event. I already have an idea for the theme, but I don’t want to give anything away!” The individual projects are only revealed on the Friday, where one can wander from station to station and each artist explains about the starting product and the final result. “So we as the artists – are later the jury – with a good overview of the two-day performance. To round off the event, we come together and grill around a campfire – like a big family gathering” says Jörg Schnell.

The young hotelier and helicopter pilot is still unsure of which project he will undertake this year. He says “I am still waiting for a brilliant idea”! So those who are curious about the brilliant idea, should make a note in the calendar and visit Jörg Schnell along with the other woodworkers at the 8th Holzsymposium.


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