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Top 10 pistes for beginners in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn

Beginner slopes: Flat, wide and suitable for inexperienced skiers

In this story you will only find pistes that are really easy to master. If the slopes are at higher altitudes, a gondola ride down to the valley is available as an alternative if the descent into the valley would involve more difficult slopes.

Blue slopes - slopes for beginners and inexperienced skiers

The categorisation of ski slopes depends on the average gradient. Due to the local topography, the slopes are usually not uniformly steep, but alternate between flatter and steeper sections. As a result, blue pistes, for example, can have quite different sections. If the piste starts out very flat, this does not exclude the possibility that somewhat more challenging sections will follow. 


So what should the perfect piste for beginners and inexperienced skiers be like? Wide, flat and easily accessible. Beginners do not have to forego the great mountain panorama, because flat slopes are not only found near the valley, but also at higher altitudes. The higher slopes in this story can be reached by cable car, which can also be used for the descent.


In this story we have summarised the top 10 pistes and areas in the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn for beginners in order to give even fairly inexperienced winter sports enthusiasts a great experience.

1. Turmwiese (tower meadow) in Saalbach

Right in the centre of Saalbach is a great slope for beginners. Take the comfortable chairlift H3 Turm 6er to the beginning of the slope. The run along piste 152 has an even gradient, making it an ideal practice terrain and a beautiful view of the centre of Saalbach.


2. The beginner's area in Hinterglemm

In the centre of Hinterglemm there is a flat area of piste accessed by drag lifts (A7 Oberschwarzachlifte & A8 Funparklift) where all beginners can safely attempt their first turns. 


3. The upper area of the Bernkogel

Looking for a great panorama, but still no steep parts? Then the upper area of the Bernkogel is perfect. The entire upper part of piste 146 along the G2 Bernkogel 6-seater chairlift is very flat and super to ski. Via piste 147 you can also get to the G3 Wetterkreuz 6-seater chairlift in a very relaxed way, so you can vary it a bit here.


The entire Bernkogel valley run (also 146) becomes much steeper a few hundred metres after the top station than the first part would suggest. If you are unsure, you can take the G2 Bernkogelbahn down to the valley.

4. Beginner's lifts near the valley in Leogang

At the L12 Schanteilift in the centre of Leogang, the left-hand slope (seen from below) is particularly suitable for beginners. A few short sections are slightly steeper, but overall very manageable. There are also very flat slopes for beginners at the L11 Krallerlift and L10 Riederfeldlift. 


5. Flat slopes on the Asitz

With a great mountain panorama of the Steinerne Meer and the Leoganger Steinberge, there are two options for skiing beginners on the Asitz: One is the L9 button lift, which offers a very flat, short slope.


For minimally advanced skiers, the easy variant of the descent along the L5 Asitzgipfelbahn 8er chairlift is recommended. Part of the first - somewhat steeper - slope can be skirted via a short draw path. After a short - somewhat steeper section - you come to the Asitz mountain station via a very wide and flat slope. Do not take the steep slope of piste 212 here, but rather piste 215 on the right-hand side (passage through Asitzbräu) - in this way you can reach the valley station of the chairlift without any further steep steps.


If you don't want to ski down the Asitz (206/205) or Steinberg (212/211) pistes - both of which have steep sections that can be rather difficult to ski in changing conditions - you can take the L1/L2 Asitzbahn or the L4/L3 Steinbergbahn to the valley.


6. The Streuböden area in Fieberbrunn

Along the F6 Zillstatt button lift (ascent and descent possible with the F1 Streubödenbahn) beginners will find a long, very flat slope that quickly ensures a sense of achievement. Tip: A fast ride on Timok's Coaster (included in the ski pass) provides a cool change of pace. Next to the Streubödenbahn valley station there is also the F5 Obingleitnlift with a very flat downhill version of piste 101. 


The downhill run 102 (Streuböden) can be attempted by reasonably advanced skiers in good conditions. Alternatively, you can of course take the cable car down to the valley.

7. Piste No 4 on the Schattberg

The Schattberg is not necessarily known as a beginner's mountain, but there is definitely a variation here that can be easily mastered by less experienced skiers: piste no. 4, aka "Muldenabfahrt". After the ascent with the A1/A2 Schattberg X-press, turn right. In the "Schattbergmulde" (the lowest point between the eastern and western summit), the blue piste branches off to the left and leads to the valley station of the A5 Limberg 4-seater chairlift. There are a few slightly steeper sections included, but these are wide and easy to ski.


The blue valley run 2a "Jausernabfahrt" has some steep sections and especially the last slope is often a big challenge for beginners in changing conditions. If you are unsure, the Schattberg X-press will bring you safely back to Saalbach.


8. The slopes at Rosswald 6-seater chairlift

Although not completely flat, piste 73 at the D3 Rosswald 6-seater chairlift is easy to ski in good conditions for less experienced skiers. It is easily reached via the D1 Reiterkogelbahn and the D2 Hasenauer 8-seater chairlift, at the top station of which piste 73 begins. Those who do not yet dare to descend from the Reiterkogel can take the flat piste 58 to the top station of the Hochalmbahn and hop on the gondola to get down to the valley.


9. Wieshoflift

Right next to the road, just before Hinterglemm, the A11 Wieshof button lift offers a short slope which is perfect for your first attempts on skis.


10. Maiskopflift in Fieberbrunn

The beautiful run (slope 106) at the F8 Maiskopf drag lift (ascent and descent possible with the F3 Doischbergbahn) is very scenic and offers an ideal practice run with its even gradient.


The valley slope 105 (Doischberg) can be attempted by reasonably advanced skiers in good conditions. Although the piste is marked red, it has an even gradient and a nice width throughout.


  • Cheap ticket options: Some practice lifts near the valley offer cheap tickets (star cards, 10 rides blocks, point cards) - information is available at the respective cash desks of that lifts. Those who prefer the recommended areas at higher altitudes need a normal ski ticket in any case.
  • In order to gain a safe, basic skiing knowledge, you should definitely attend a ski course. Whether group course or private instructor: The ski schools in Saalbach Hinterglemm offer various courses for complete beginners and advanced skiers. 

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