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In the vertical

Climbing in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Those who would like to experience Saalbach Hinterglemm in a vertical position have many chances to do so. Climbing enthusiasts will be at home at the High Rope Park in Talschluss and on the climbing tower next to the Sportzentrum in Hinterglemm.

Brigitte and Nico tread cautiously over a narrow rope. They are securely fastened to a cable with items from a special via ferrata set. Although nothing can happen to them, they are both still trembling and no wonder as they are both around 15 metres above the forest floor of the Glemmtal, trying to walk along a thin, wobbly rope whilst using their hands to grip another rope above their heads.

High Rope Park – a hit for both the young and young at heart

We hiked to the end of the valley, or more specifically, to the Lindlingalm where you will find the largest high ropes park in Europe. There are nine rounds of varying difficulty where guests can put their climbing skills to the test. A highlight not to be overlooked, and of course great fun for climbing novices who get to swing like monkeys through the treetops. Brigitte and Nico have overcome their initial fear and the yells of “Yippee” can be heard clearly as they whizz across the zip line. Of course, like everyone else they are well secured in the event, there should be a mishap. The electronic system is patented and prevents guests from being able to unhook both carabiners at the same time ensuring mishaps are practically non-existent.


Additionally, everyone receives basic training before being permitted to start the course. Our guide, Hannes greets us with a friendly “How’s it going”? We are then given a harness and safety kit along with a helmet. We head in the direction of the practice course. Our guided pronounces, “First one must always hook the carabiners in and then it’s time to get started”. We take our first steps at the height of two metres before we really get cracking.

Nine rounds from easy to difficult

There are nine tours one can choose from in the High Rope Park, ranging from easy to difficult. The most leisurely tour can be completed in approx. 30 minutes with the most challenging taking around 90 minutes. There is no limit to how much time you spend in the park. However, the park closes at 18:00 in summer and by this time our energy levels are depleted. Now is the time to recharge our batteries at the Lindlingalm with some tasty dishes of Kasnocken and Kaiserschmarren.


In the Talschluss there are other attractions. One of the more easy-going alternatives to the High Rope Course is the Treetop Trail. At a lofty height, one can comfortably walk between the tree-tops over a secure bridge rather than over a thin rope. The start is at the Golden Gate Bridge and then progresses along a 600-metre long tree-top trail in a truly natural environment.


Not too far away from here, at the Tristkogel there is a via ferrata which after our experience at the High Rope Park would prove tempting but is reserved especially for the mountain professionals. The ascent to the via ferrata alone would sap one’s energy and is said to be one of the more difficult in the area.

A climbing tower with a view

We decided that our next vertical stop will be at the climbing tower in Hinterglemm. Right next to the Sportzentrum, on the main road, there is a climbing tower. This tower will suit young and old alike as there is a route to the top of the tower to suit every ability, upon request under expert supervision. The next morning we unpack the climbing ropes and put our harnesses on before checking the safety equipment. Brigitte and Nico start with an easy tour. We can already feel the heat of the sun’s rays. However, there is a side to the tower that is always in the shade which is where we will spend the morning trying out the more difficult routes. After three hours our hands are feeling limp, and we pack our things together in a rucksack and spend the rest of the day relaxing on the banks of the river Saalach.

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