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The “Home of Lässig” Walk

The valley head’s long-distance hiking trail

This long-distance hike in Saalbach Hinterglemm’s valley head is long, offers spectacular views and is, as the locals say, totally lässig! Long-distance hiking is the latest craze. Exploring pristine natural worlds one step at a time, switching off and enjoying the fresh air and leaving behind the worries of everyday life. Those who have already completed the “Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglemm” and are on the look for new challenges in the mountains of the Glemmtal Valley, can look forward to a multi-summit hike under the motto “demanding, but super lässig”!

Multi-summit delight

With around 1,700 metres of elevation, five summits and approximately 22 kilometres in length, the “Home of Lässig” Walk leads right into the heart of a true nature spectacle. I love Hinterglemm’s valley head —  it’s a perfect safe haven — quiet and far away from all the gondolas and mountain biking trails. And although the route is located around a couple of summits that are quite popular with the locals, the U-shaped tour in the Glemmtal Valley’s basin will offer plenty of time and space for quiet moments.


From the parking space in Lengau, I take a light stroll to the Lindlingalm mountain pasture and, after around 200 metres, take a left, crossing the hill past Birgl to the Schusterscharte ridge. The path continues steeply on an elevation of 1,985 metres above sea level, but this way I complete a big portion of the overall elevation under the cooling morning shade. From the Schusterscharte ridge onward, I hike across a relatively flat, beautiful high plateau to the Mittagskogel mountain. Then, I go downhill to the gate. This is the realm of the chamois, marmots, deer and even the occasional pair of golden eagles can be seen circling around the mountains mid-hunt. Well rested, I get ready for the Teufelssprung (“Devil’s Leap”). The view at this rocky spot is simply amazing and according to legend, the devil had a big showdown with the local herdsmen here. After 4 hours or so of hiking, I recommend a small break and grabbing something to eat before the trail continues to what is likely the most gorgeous part of the whole hike. 

Brilliant views and moments of joy

The hike from the Teufelssprung to the Gamshag mountain is a real delight and my personal highlight of this tour! Looking down on one side, I see the entire Glemmtal Valley before me. Westward, I can already gaze at the bordering province of Tyrol. Even the Wilder Kaiser mountain can be seen from up here, and further south reign the white summits of the Hohe Tauern range’s three-thousanders. The Steinberge mountains, on the other hand, are further north. Though at an elevation of 2,178 metres above sea level, there is not much uphill climbing involved on the way to the Gamshag mountain, and time and time again I encounter little ponds and mountain lakes shimmering in the sunlight. To experience one of these picturesque mountain lakes, the Hochtorsee lake, I walk down for around 200 metres from the Gamshag summit. I take a quick break, for my calves crave a quick cooldown in the water of the mountain lake. After another brief climb down to the Toralm mountain pasture, the well-marked hiking trail continues uphill again.

The “Home of Lässig” Walk is a long-distance hike for those with sufficient mountain experience and perseverance. Plenty of preparation, a look at the weather forecast and sufficient food and drink in the backpack are key when embarking on a hike like this, as there are no huts catering to hikers and visitors along the way. The walk has plenty of natural spectacle to offer and is incredibly diverse — from challenging and exciting to calm and relaxing.

Saalbach Hinterglemm long-distance hiking challenge


Who will conquer the Glemmtal Valley’s Saalbach Hiking Challenge? The “Seven Summits”, the “Pinzgau Walk” and the “Home of Lässig Walk”? If you manage to conquer all of these three long-distance hikes during a single summer visit or holiday trip, then you will receive a special gift from the tourist office.

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