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Flowing Trails!

Cool & unforgettable biking

Weeks after my first biking holiday in Saalbach Hinterglemm, I can’t stop thinking about what a cool time I had and am already planning my next trip to the „Home of Lässig“. What makes Saalbach such a cool bike region for me and why I find the area is so attractive, I will sum up in what was a typical day for me.

So let’s start with the journey: By travelling from Germany via Kiefersfelden to Saalbach, I am spared the price of a Vignette (toll sticker). Unlike other destinations I have travelled to, this was uncomplicated. Once I arrived in Saalbach Hinterglemm, I simply couldn’t wait to get on my bike. No matter where I looked, there are plenty of others who seem to be as passionate as I feel about mountain biking. A quick change of clothes, I then pick up my trail map and my bike ticket and off we go! The JOKER Card is for me one of the main reasons to come to Saalbach Hinterglemm, as it gives you 2 free bike transports a day and 30 % reduction on all bike-tickets.


Curves galore on the Monti Trail

My first stop: The Monti Trail! An easy trail with numerous bends and curves. In the Glemm Valley, there are trails for every ability – for beginners and professionals. The Milka Line is perfect for beginners wanting to gradually progress onto the more difficult trails. I have successfully ridden down the trail. At first, I was a little unsure but eventually found the flow. Practice makes perfect!

Classic Hacklberg Trail

I take the Schattberg X-Press lift and make my way in the direction of the Hacklberg Trail, the absolute classic in Saalbach Hinterglemm. When I asked the locals which trail I shouldn’t miss, they all instantly replied “The Hacklberg Trail”! Together with the Buchegg Trail there are ten kilometres of pure downhill fun. After the descent, I just can’t stop grinning. This trail is addictive!


Alpine hut cuisine with every variant of Kaiserschmarrn

Whilst out biking on the trails in Saalbach Hinterglemm, you will find numerous huts just enticing you to make a stop. On the Hacklberg Trail you will find the Hacklberg Alm, a rustic mountain hut with picture perfect views. Here I make a pause to sample the ‘Kaiserschmarrn’, a dish of sweet chopped pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar! When I am holiday, hardly a day goes by when I don’t eat Kaiserschmarrn. The smell is simply divine and for me is part of a holiday in Austria. As an accompaniment, the options are endless: apple puree, plum puree, raspberry sauce etc. My personal favourite is the raspberry Kaiserschmarrn, which I ordered at the Panoramaalm!

E-Biking & Touring Possibilities

You will find rental shops where you can hire the most modern and up-to-date E-Bikes in Saalbach and Hinterglemm. Many of the Alpine huts also have stations where you can charge your bike battery and where bikers and E-Bikers can also charge their own batteries in order to continue riding the trails. In addition to the many trails, there are also touring opportunities in the “Home of Lässig”. From easy-going panorama tours, to summit tours and marathon trails – there is something for everyone. The Talschlussrunde (end of the valley round), is my favourite so far. The tour starts at the Zwölferkogel lift in Hinterglemm and continues on to the Lindlingalm where you will pass the highest rope course in Europe and many waterfalls and streams leading to the Saalalm. The scenery on this tour is simply a dream!

One thing for me at the end of the holiday is certain: As a destination, Saalbach Hinterglemm offers perfect conditions to enjoy mountain biking to the full and from now on will be a place I return to on a yearly basis for my holiday!

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