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Change of perspective

There is so much to discover in Saalbach Hinterglemm — and in our Saalbach picture archive, too! While doing some digital spring cleaning, I came across some things old, some things new, things that have been known about for a long time as well as things that had entirely been forgotten — many of which gave me massive goosebumps. Are you ready for epic scenes with real “insert deep quote here” potential? We’ll keep the text short for this one and make up for it with raw emotion instead. I’ll save you the profound quote. Although… just one isn’t going to hurt anyone, is it?

Good morning paradise! I am the worst morning person you’ll ever meet. I’ve got at least seven alarms ringing and snoozing after one another, am not even approachable without having had a cup of coffee first and on rainy days on the weekend I’ll rarely leave my mattress before noon. But when the prospects include watching a breath-taking sunrise from on top of a mountain summit, then that’s a very different situation. For adventures like this, I’ll actually wake up before my alarm and even forgo the coffee if I have to — and still act like a real ray of sunshine all day. This might just be — quite literally— the best way to help you expand your horizon and create space for new ideas and perspectives.

Case study: You’re standing in the middle of the forest. Perhaps you’re out and about with your dog, going on a walk with a friend or you’re just lucky and your daily commute takes you through a forest. Where are your thoughts at? Are you thinking about your desk, awaiting you with a fresh load of work? Or are you thinking about your neighbour, who last week complained that you open your window shutters too loudly (happened to me, not kidding)? Or maybe you’re just angry about something you heard on the news, which your frustration can’t do anything about anyway. How about a little bit of tranquillity and just taking in your surroundings? A bird chirps and interrupts the silence? Enjoy it! A mountain biker rides right by you? Say hi! There are studies that have shown that one’s mood can rapidly improve just by raising the corners of your mouth. This is due to the fact that our nerves have learned that smiling is equivalent to being in a good mood. In other words, a good mood is the same as a good smile, and vice versa. Give it a try sometime! :-)

Back to the subject: So, you’re standing in the forest, and you’re in a bad mood. For whatever reason. Try focusing your thoughts on the beautiful leaves, the rings of the tree trunk, the chirping of the birds or the way the sunlight hits the forest. Become conscious of your surroundings. This, by the way, can be done anywhere — not just in Saalbach. But maybe some of these pictures of our forests will help you become more conscious while you’re still just behind the computer.

Over and out. Oh yes, I had promised you a quote. And no: This is not going to be your average deep quote that you will find under countless selfies on Instagram. Victoria Erickson, poet and author, hits the nail on the head with her poem on what makes mountains so fascinating.

“When you’re a mountain person, you understand the brilliance and beauty of contradiction. The way land can be your greatest teacher. How something can be both grounding yet elevating, intoxicating yet soothing, wild yet serene […].  Mountains keep us on edge yet wrap us in the sensation of safety all at once.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. No matter if you’re a local or just visiting the mountains: Perhaps you will be viewing your surroundings a little bit differently next time. Until then: Have a nice weekend!

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