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5 reasons to spend the holidays with friends

Why it’s the most fun to visit the Skicircus with your friends

Most skiers have inherited their passion for the slopes from their own passionate parents — no surprise then that most winter sports enthusiasts like to travel with their own families too! Until recently, I also used to hit the slopes exclusively with my own relatives (except for the locally obligatory ski trips in the 10th grade). It is, after all, a rather beautiful tradition to spend the holidays up in the mountains! But the Story Base 2017 helped me develop a real affinity for skiing with large groups of like-minded individuals. Perhaps you might still remember: In January 2017, we brought together 16 influencers to spend a week at the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn and hype up their followers about doing the same.

So, why is it such a great idea to head to the mountains with your friends?


1. There’s always a partner in crime!

You’re totally psyched up for an afternoon of sledding, but your girlfriend prefers to chill in the sauna? You’ve had enough après-ski for today, but your siblings want to keep partying? The more people you have in your group, the higher the chances that there will be someone like-minded for whatever you’re up for! Four of you can go hit the slopes, three others can get their snowshoes ready and the remaining five make their way to Hinterglemm’s valley head inside a horse-drawn carriage — perfect, huh?


2. Big groups get the best holiday apartments!

Whether six, eight or sixteen people — there are plenty of holiday houses and apartments with enough spaces available in the Skicircus. And being in a bigger group usually affords a little more luxury: How about your own in-house sauna or a phenomenal location right by the slope?

3. Amazing cuisine, even without a hotel stay or a thick wallet!

It goes without saying that it feels great to indulge in candlelit dinners every evening, especially as a couple. But if you’re doing your own cooking you don’t have to miss out on the luxury of only having to get up from the sofa once dinner is finally served. The more people there are, the easier it is to divide the kitchen duties, after all! I recommend the following: two people cook, two do the dishes, the rest chills!

4. It’s not without reason that ¾ of all chairlifts in the Skicircus have space for at least six people!

Sure, you can always run into friendly strangers and find companions for the upcoming après-ski afternoon — but the best memories are always made with your friends! And since we’re already talking about après-ski, you should know that the ski lift might just be the very best place to get the party started! (Warning: not too much rocking, please!)

5. Learn from one another!

Perfect with big groups: You have different levels of skill and experience to take advantage from! Those who’ve only skied on the slopes before can learn a little something about deep snow from their friends. If you finally want to give snowboarding a shot, swap your equipment with one of your group’s snowboarders for a day. Alternatively, it’s also easier to finance a skiing or snowboarding teacher when you’re in a bigger group.


Convinced? Well, then you should probably start planning your trip as soon as you can!

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