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3 tours - 1 target

From an after-work tour to a short time compensation for the soul on the splitboard.

It might be a morning with fresh powder snow, a later afternoon, or a sundowner after a working day. The feeling is always the same liberating and good. In the last story "50/50 uphill" I have indeed betrayed my passion and motivations for splitboarding. There was something mentioned about independence, flexibility and individuality to get back into balance and that even a small tour can be totally sufficient. But what I didn’t reveal is where to go for the short balance on the mountain. A commenced day is definitely not a wasted one. And these three tours can easily completed in less than two hours.

U-Bahn top station to Bergstadl hut

The tour leads over the forest road from the Unterschwarzacher Bahn top station into the forest to the Bergstadl hut. The hut is ideal for a short stop. From there, you can descend into the valley. Those who have not had enough can continue the tour to the Hacklberg Alm. This leads past the middle station of the Westgipfelbahn and stretches dreamily and relatively flat through the forest. The alp is closed in winter but it is the right place for a short break. The way back follows the ascent along the forest path. Since the tour is really easy, this can also be done alone.



From the Westgipfel top station the ascent to the peak of the Stemmerkogel starts either from the entrance of the Hacklberg Trail, which is famous in summer, or via the entry into the ski route. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the summit. You will be rewarded with a powder-rich descent on the ski route. The great thing about it. The first few meters from the summit to the start of the ski route are usually untracked. And those who do not get enough can challenge this short but fun tour several times in a row. My tip: This tour is the most fun on a morning with loads of fresh snow and friends. And bring a camera. Because the panorama up here is one of the most beautiful in the ski area.


Spielberghaus & further

From the so called “Spielberghaus Kurve Oberdorf” a groomed forest road comfortably leads up to the Spielberghaus for about 1.5 hours. The road dreamy leads along a stream in the snowy forest. This tour is perfect time-out for an afternoon in nature. Of course, the hut invites you in for a refreshment to stop. From the Spielberghaus, you can continue on the path towards Kohlmais. Another variant leads up the Bernkogel slightly below the hut. The descent in both variants takes place via the skiing slopes. But if you prefer it more comfortable, you can also use the forest road again for the descent.


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