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Organic Farm Dairy Fürstenhof


The Fürstenhof is run by Maria and Niki Rettenbacher. The unique milk (6% fat, a better-tolerated form of A2 beta-casein and much more) from their Jersey cows is transformed into various dairy products. From yoghurt to raw milk, soft and semi-hard cheese, the range is endless.


Openness and the experience of pleasure are their trademarks. That's why you can get an idea of how the livestock is reared and how they work by taking a guided tour with cheese sampling. You can also experience their craftsmanship in the form of workshops on the farm (making your own cheese and milk cosmetics).




Opening Times

Monday till Saturday from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm



Regular price to make cheese yourself:  Adults: 59 Euro /Children 39 Euro

With Jokercard: Adults 49 Euro/Children 29 Euro


Normal price guided tour and tasting: adults 10 Euro/ children 6 Euro

With Jokercard: adults 8 Euro / children 5 Euro

Organic Farm Dairy Fürstenhof

Familie Rettenbacher
Fürstenweg 15, 5431 Kuchl