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Mountain air and high-altitude bracing climate

Holiday and rest for body and soul


  • Stimulant for your metabolism
  • Positive stimulation of the psyche
  • Higher energy consumption through several hours of sports

Excellent health benefits

the necessary requirements


  • Physical preparation - gymnastics, mountain hiking, ....
  • Individual choice for your skiing technique
  • Proportioned turns with a bigger radius
  • Skiing speed and duration adapted to your physical fitness
  • Avoiding extreme mogul slopes and ice slopes


The individual health benefit

what's important is good self-assessment


  • How good is your physical fitness?
  • What about your skiing abilities?
  • How much experience do you have with mountain ranges?
  • Is your equipment in good condition?


Popular sport with low risk of injury

from classic skiing to other ski sport alternatives


  • The risk of injury is not higher than with volleyball or tennis
  • The injury rate is in the range of a few per mille
  • Snowboarders don't get injured more often than skiers
  • Health and relaxation or accidents and diseases mostly originate from the right or wrong behaviour of each ski athlete


Health and more

Skiing in the social value system


  • 75% of all skiers exercise in groups.
  • Having fun with like-minded people, communication and appreciation contribute to relaxation and true recovery during holidays.
  • Mountain and ski sports offers young people important freedom experiencing nature and themselves - one of the most important things for social personal development