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Know your boundaries

As athletes, we have rights and obligations in nature - only sometimes, we do not know or are not aware of them. Let's respect the natural environment more for what it is: Habitat for animals and plants and recreation area for humans.

Many animals run for their lives once they start to panic. Such disturbances cause a high loss of energy in wild animals and often lead to their death. We just ask all our guests to respect their boundaries. This does not refer to stress limits or performance limits of winter sports but rather to boundaries at which winter sport activities connect with the habitats of other inhabitants of nature. These recreation areas are marked as “closed” in the slope plan or by appropriate signage off piste.


Important rules of conduct:

  • Respect quiet zones and restricted areas: those are the retreats for wildlife species and rare plants.
  • Avoid skiing through the forest: In the area around lifts, for example, descending into the forest is only permitted on the marked pistes, ski routes and trails.
  • Avoid the edge of forests and snow-free areas: those are the favourite spots of animals.

Further information: www.respektiere-deine-grenzen.at