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Bike rules

The Saalbach Hinterglemm region offers over 400 km of marked hiking and biking trails. Part of the trails are only for bikers or only for hikers, but there are also trails that are shared by both. We want to ensure the safety of our guests. For this reason we would like to ask for mutual respect and to stick to the rules. Tip: A friendly “hello” and “thank you” ensures good harmony between hikers and bikers.

Fair Play

  • Close gates of any type.
  • Respect and care for animals and plants.
  • Do not litter.
  • Finish biking tours before it gets dark.
  • Remain on marked paths and trails.
  • Avoid noise and unnecessary wheel traces.
  • Slow down in the vicinity of hikers.
  • Ride at walking pace in the pedestrian zones.
  • Be cautious and give priority to hikers.

Rules on trails

  • Always use a helmet and additional protective equipment.
  • Respect track closures due to weather or maintenance.
  • Use a bike in proper technical condition.
  • Adjust the speed to the nature of a trail and to the weather.
  • Ride with foresight and avoid unnecccessary breaking manoeuvres with blocking rear wheel.
  • Only choose those trails that reflect your skills and condition.
  • Adjust the speed so that you can stop at any time.
  • Pay attention to bikers who ride slower.
  • Pay attention to notice boards and prohibition signs.
  • Remember that you can meet forestry and farming vehicles.
  • Beware of wild, domestic and farm animals on the routes.
  • Make sure your bike is clean before using a cable car.
  • Lines & Trails may not be ridden with any type of child transport device (whether Shotgun Seat, normal child seat or Cruizer).

You use the trails at your own risk! Any liability for accidents or damage to property is excluded. Follow the instructions of trail patrols and mountain railway staff. When a trail is closed (information sign at the beginning of a trail), using it is absolutely prohibited. If you do not obey the rules, your lift card will be withdrawn. Some trails are located on roads used by public transport. Austrian road traffic regulations apply there.


Important information: Your behaviour has influence on the opinions and tolerance of the public as well as actions of the authorities regarding this sport!

Accident report

If you see injured persons on the trail, do the following:

Secure the accident site! Provide first aid! Notify the rescue service immediately and indicate the place of the accident (name of the trail, identification number according to information board if available) and the nature of the injury. You can report the accident in the cable cars stations.

  • Emergency call: 112