Wandern in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Karin Pasterer Wandern in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Karin Pasterer

Behaviour in the mountains - Hiking info

rules of conduct for grazing areas


Ankle-high hiking boots with treaded soles (no sneakers), solid and, if possible, waterproof backpack, bandages, emergency blankets, rain cover, head wear, warm clothing, windproof covering, hiking map, adjustable hiking sticks, sun protection cream, sunglasses, food, drinks and mobile phone.

Mountain rescue services:

Phone: 140 (alpine emergency number)

Historical beacons and small monuments

In Saalbach Hinterglemm, along the route, there are over 60 crosses, memorial stones and chapels, all with their own histories.

Walking time

Walking time indications are always guide times.

Guided hiking tours

Several times per week, we offer free hiking tours guided by certified guides. Detailed information and meeting points can be found in the event overview. Good footwear and rain protection are required. It is recommended to take food and drinks!

Emergency situation

Behaviour in case of emergency: Keep calm, provide first aid, stay with injured person, get help (call 112 or 140). In our mobile app, there is an emergency button which also transmits the current GPS location.

Mushroom picking

Mushrooms have different functions in the natural balance. They are a living community with many forest trees, are a source of food for many animals and play the most important part in the decomposition of organic matter (wood, foliage, needles).

Therefore, the following must be observed when picking mushrooms:

  • Only pick mushrooms you will use.
  • Do not participate in organised mushroom picking sessions.
  • Mushroom picking for own consumption, in limited quantities, is permitted between 07:00 and 19:00.
  • Up to 2 kg of mushrooms/person/day of mushrooms can be collected.

Environmental protection

Please take all waste (aluminium cans, bottles, paper residues, ...) back to the valley. Discard the waste products at the designated places. Please also bear in mind that banana peels, due to the treatment thereof, do not decay. Many alpine flowers are under nature protection. Picking flowers under nature protection may be expensive, as the fines are substantial.

Hiking awards

Here you can find detailed information about hiking pins in bronze, silver and gold which are awarded in Saalbach Hinterglemm – as well as about the golden backpack and golden backpack with a diamond.


Qualified local Salzburger Mountain hiking guides

  • Hans Adelsberger
  • Fredi Bachmann
  • Hans Eder
  • Stefan Kendler

Hiking map

Free maps are available at the tourist offices. Detailed maps are available in local shops.


Hiking tips

  • Before the start, get to know the route on the map. Inform the hosts about your tour and the expected time of return. Get some tips from the locals.
  • Observe the weather conditions and follow the weather forecast (media, locals). If there is a risk of a thunderstorm, be sure that there is a shelter on the route in the early afternoon or that you will be back in the valley at that time. 
  • Turn back or look for a shelter in the event of sudden weather changes or if it becomes misty. This can happen very quickly in the mountains. You should also turn back if the route becomes too difficult.
  • Always follow the marked routes, avoid short-cuts. In early summer, mind your step and avoid snowfields (danger of slipping).

safety information: Grazing cattle in hiking areas

  • Please find 10 rules of conduct for alpine pastures and grazing areas in this YouTube video

Saalbach Story: Hiking path maintenance

Mountain hiking fitness

Hiking and mountaineering are among the most popular leisure activities in Europe. According to the survey, more than half of Central Europeans are mountain hiking enthusiasts – in Germany, there are almost 37 million of them. This impressive figure demonstrates the worthiness of this attractive nature-based sports activity with regard to our health.


Still: There is no recreational sport promoting health so comprehensively – for young and old alike. When hiking, almost the whole body is simultaneously and optimally trained. The ascent promotes the heart, lungs and muscles, while the descent trains the joints, posture and the spine. There is no better way to stay fit and no more reliable method to preventthe harms of civilization.

Nowhere else will you find a more beautiful and fascinating “gym” than in the mountains. The dense network of hiking trails can also be reached comfortably and safely by taking the mountain railways. The mountains surrounding Saalbach Hinterglemm have an almost ideal and “healthy” altitude.

When hiking in the mountains, only adhering to the right rules provides a degree of protection against “excess” which is always harmful – as well as against injuries and accidents. However, if you are under the care of a hiking or a mountain guide, you don’t need to worry about your safety while enjoying the world of mountains.


University professor Dr. Franz Berghold
alpine sports physician