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Close to heaven

According to legend, a ladder leads to the sky. To the heavenly hiking paradise in the HOME OF LÄSSIG you float without legend - but quite legendary - with the WESTGIPFEL GONDOLA.

After the relaxed ascent with a panoramic view of a fantastic mountain scenery, hikers of all kinds will reach the Hacklberger natural lakes located at approx. 1950 metres above sea level after an hour's walk across alpine meadows and mountain ridges. Long-distance hikers choose the Pinzgau Walk (650 metres in altitude, total length 18 kilometres). It is part of the Saalbach Hiking Challenge. The Pinzgauer Grasberge await hikers with an inimitable flora and fauna. Mountain lovers feel like in paradise. Framed by alpine rose, gentian and arnica, surrounded by bees and bumblebees, greeted by marmots and grazing cattle, they approach their destination. Soon they reach the two azure-blue Hacklberger Lakes, situated south, above the Hacklbergeralm.  They are of natural origin and lie picturesquely below the Seetörl.


After the already mentioned hiking hour, the time has come. You stand before your destination and enjoy the inimitable view of one of the Hacklberger natural lakes. Seen from the north, the small lake - as an azure-blue fascination - shows a beguiling mountain world. Deep blue and crystal clear, the approx. 15 degree cold water ripples in the gentle wind of the Pinzgau grass mountains and reflects the firmament. As already said: Close to heaven...

The lakes

The circumnavigation of the lake reveals another mystery and a seemingly new, almost unreal water world. The view of the largest of the three lakes to the south makes it a mirror of the surrounding mountains. Brown-green meadows and gently rounded boulders emerge from the depths of the mountain lake as an enchanting reflection. The visual pleasure is doubled and tripled by the scent of clear mountain water, spicy alpine herbs and dark earth. On the way back you have the possibility to descend via the Hacklberger Alm and further on towards the middle station Westgipfelbahn.

Cold water highly recommended

Cold mountain lakes are not only beautiful, but also strengthen the immune system. Immersing yourself in a lake on the mountain acts like bodybuilding for the vessels, similar to a cold shower. This strengthening and vitalizing effect affects both the swimmer and the person wading through the shallow and crystal clear mountain water at the edge of the mountain lake. A dive into water of about 15 degrees Celsius triggers feelings of happiness and gives lasting euphoria and deep calm. This tingling sensation lasts for quite some time and accompanies the visitor of the Hacklberger natural lakes all day long. Warmed by the mountain sun, the cold stimulus of the clear mountain water at almost 2000 metres brings therapeutic and positive effects to the human body. The mountain hiker's organs associated with the different body regions are reached and positively influenced through the skin. Thus, the nature lover in this area of the Home of Lässig is warmly recommended not to shy away from direct contact with the clear water of the Hacklberger natural lakes. 

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