“Home of Lässig" to go

Saalbach is now available for take away

A creative glimpse into how a traditional ski resort became the coolest holiday region in the Alps, and how, thanks to a great partner, you can now wear the "Home of Lässig" spirit wherever you go.

2015. The year of transformation for Saalbach. A new beginning. Because the region and brand Saalbach is given a makeover and evolves from a traditional and widely known ski resort into the "Home of Lässig". Since that time, the new appearance of the Saalbach brand has been updated to be modern, streamlined, more apparent and cooler. A new logo was developed, new colours applied, new texts drafted, and new photos taken. Quite simply, the overall appearance has become relatively youthful and hip. And so, did several partners of Saalbach.


This "Home of Lässig Spirit" has probably always been evident in Saalbach. Now you can label it and wear it. Saalbach - a place where coolness is embraced and enjoyed in all its facets. On any given day you feel a relaxed sense of nonchalance, sometimes even an optimistic dose of "Lässigkeit". And for whatever reason, you know that it's awesome and impressive in some way. Indeed, an intoxicating feeling that lingers forever and is shared and enhanced by strong partners.


It is precisely this attitude to life that unites Saalbach and the outdoor brand "Maloja" and lays the foundation for a unique partnership.

Jointly, we want to create cool mountain experiences. Because, after all, it doesn't take much. The recipe: mountains, friends, and unforgettable moments.


Honouring the old.
Shaping the new.
Going your own way.


Maloja represents something useful and beautiful. So, it also applies to being out and about in nature with a great sense of well-being and taking responsibility. "Since the day Maloja was founded, we have attached importance to ethics, sustainability, respect for people and nature and fair dealings with our partners," says Peter Räuber, founder and CEO of Maloja. This exceptional standard of quality, the connection to nature and the creative spirit are instantly noticeable when you enter the Maloja headquarters in Rimsting, Bavaria, which is a converted hay barn. A place where marvellous things happen. That is likely also this "Maloja feeling".

Together we are made for the Mountains

Two brands that reinforce, support, and complement each other. Both companies sensed this immediately. Thus, a creative partnership was established in the spring of 2019. "For the destination Saalbach it is important to have a partner on an equal footing and with Maloja at our side we have the opportunity to give the Saalbach brand a very special value once again." Says Wolfgang Quas, Marketing Director of Saalbach. Within the framework of the partnership, Saalbach has already been able to count on Maloja's help with various activities such as photoshoots and events.


What we are incredibly proud of - the essence of the cooperation.

"Together we have managed to make this spirit of the Home of Lässig into something wearable," says Wolfgang Quas, proudly. During a creative process with selected Maloja designers, along with great care and attention to detail, the Saalbach brand, the needs of our guests, practicality and the latest trends in the sports industry were considered.


The aim was not only to create cool designs but also to focus on high-quality textiles from fair and resource-efficient production. With Maloja, we packed the Home of Lässig into a 4-season collection, so everyone can take a piece of the mountain experience home with them, wear it themselves, or give as a gift.


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