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Fascination Trail Run 2/3

Part 2: For Panorama Junkies

A route of moderate difficulty on which rookies will also have fun. For trail runners, this tour is a “must“, the epitome of casual running amidst a stunning panorama. This sounds slightly optimistic, but everyone will nod their heads in agreement on this stretch. In short, the route takes you from Saalbach in the direction of Schönleiten.

The start of this tour is in the centre of Saalbach behind the Bernkogel gondola onto the Eberhartweg up to the Pascherweg. Divine! This former smuggler’s path (Pascher = smuggler) takes you to the Tyrolean border and is picturesque and fun, with steps, stream crossings and a fairy-like landscape immersed in green.

After just a few kilometres this trail for pedestrians leads you to the forest path and the Speilberghaus, time to catch your breath before the steep ascent to the Wirtsalm. From here on, the trail snakes uphill, where average runners may need to slow down the pace, but those with more experience will cope. After a short time, you will come into the forest once more where moss-covered root passages and woodland pools await the runner. The scenery is consistent until the runner reaches the Kohlmais lift station. At this point, you could call it a day and descend with the gondola, however, it is only now that the views open up.

After passing the top station of the Kohlmais, the next section of the Saalachtaler Höhenweges starts via the Grüne Böden Hütte in the direction of Schönleiten. There are practically no steep ascents here, and therefore even beginners get a sniff of trail running air. Shortly before the Schönleiten lift, we recommend taking the option of remaining beneath the mountain, again a route that continues at the same height and where one comes out at the Schönleitenhütte. Time for a break, here you stop for a snack and a refreshing drink.To return back to Saalbach, I personally prefer to take the rooted trail back to the Kohlmais lift and make a comfortable descent with the newly built gondola.

Length: 11.9 km

Duration: ~ 2:30 hours

▲ 948 m

▼ 120 m

Difficulty: Middle - light

Note: beginners should reduce the tempo on the way up to the Kohlmais lift top station.

From here on there is a rather flat continuous trail.


  • Maisereck
  • Kohlmaiskopf
  • Grüne Böden Hütte
  • Pründelkopf
  • Schönleitenhütte

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