Wiener Schnitzel as a reward for the first turns | © Heiko Mandl
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A family-day on the slopes

Family skiing in the Skicircus

The parents are enthusiastic skiers and the children are looking forward to their first turns on the piste. There is nothing standing in the way of a ski career, but practice is what makes a master, even the best skiers realise that.

After just a few days into the ski course the children will feel steady on the skis and be ready for their first experience on the pistes of the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn. With a total of 270 kilometres of piste, 140 kilometres of blue pistes await families and children. Comfortable modern lifts round off this great offer. It’s pure bliss skiing in the Glemmtal.


The perfect place for the first turns

So we are standing with our twins, Marie and Laura and 7 year old Nico at the foot of the Westgipfel – not too far away from the village centre of Hinterglemm. For the little ones, the Oberschwarzachlift in Hinterglemm is an ideal terrain to prepare themselves for the higher level pistes. Two button lifts bring the kids to the top of a relatively flat slope – it is here that many skiing careers started. The piste is always well groomed and the lower part of piste is almost flat. It couldn’t be any better for our little “ski rookies”. We take our 3 year old twins, Laura and Marie on the lift between our legs and take a comfortable ride uphill. The sun is starting to come out and we are thoroughly enjoying our morning. Once at the top it is time for a few warm up exercises, the children also need to warm up before their first ascent to minimise the risk of injury. The kids are eager to get going as they pull on their gloves. The first turns are somewhat wobbly, but after one or two runs the nut has cracked and they are skiing with confidence.

Overconfidence is rarely a benefit

“Do you remember what you learnt on your ski course: pushing your skis into a pizza wedge whilst waving towards the ground”, we offer this tip to the kids for the next descent and observe how many small turns they make whilst heading towards the bottom station. Our tummies are starting to rumble, time for a quick break! With a Wiener schnitzel and apple juice, we tank up our energy reserves and are ready for the next descent. The children glance time and time again towards the Zwölferkogel and are astounded by just how fast the skiers make carving turns down the steep terrain.

Practice makes perfect

The last run should be the highlight of the day. It’s time to take the button lift to the top all by yourself! How exciting. For those who are a little nervous, the lift attendant will be happy to assist by taking and placing the button lift between your legs. And off you go! A boost for the ego, you have made it to the top all by yourself without falling! It couldn’t have been better. Now, the last descent before heading back to the hotel.

Get up on the mountain

The next morning we are all fully motivated. After yesterday we all want to get up the mountain. We have decided on the relatively flat and sunny slopes of the Hochalm. In no time at all, the two lifts transport us up to the top. Our children’s mouths are open in awe. Until now we have only witnessed these magnificent panoramic views on the webcams. “Ski slowly and safely” is our tip. Did they hear that? Without hesitation they make several turns whilst ascending the slope. The initial respect for the longer pistes in the Skicircus have soon be forgotten and we spend a wonderful day skiing on the slopes of the Hochalm. And tomorrow? Should we try out the red runs? Definitely not! We prefer to enjoy the numerous easy-going runs in the Glemmtal.

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