Clouds of mist in the Pinzgau mountains
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3 Weather phenomena in the Glemm Valley

A story from a time without daily weather forecasts

In the past, when there were no weather forecasts and avalanche warning services, people had to rely much more on their feelings and observe nature very closely.

The cloud formations, snow conditions, and the animal’s behaviour could foretell quite a bit about the weather conditions that would follow.

Local weather experts


Traudi is a native of Hinterglemmerin - she still knows the stories about the "Howa-Goas" and the "Rosswald-Schlompin" and the weather phenomena from her childhood. The adults reminded the children not to wander around on their own. Together with her husband Norbert, she also experienced the transformation in the mountain sports sector. In addition to high Alpine tours worldwide, the two have been climbing the mountains of Glemmtal for almost 50 years. They were there when ski tours were still planned based on traditional rules and exact observations of the environment and experienced the developments with the arrival of technology. 


The Hochtor is located at the head of the Glemmtal Valley in Hinterglemm. The rule says: When the Hochtor-Lapp (fog at the Hochtor) looks down, the weather will be bad.


Schmiedalm-Hex (Schmiedalm Witch)

The Schmiedalm is situated in the Schwarzachergraben in Hinterglemm. It was said: When the Schmiedalm-Hex (fog) rises out of the Schwarzachergraben, the weather will turn bad.



The Spielberg wind comes across the Spielberg to Saalbach and often brings with it an icy chill. As soon as the Spielberg wind starts to blow, you must protect yourself well against catching a cold!

Old weather rules vs. modern technology


"The old rules only apply to a certain extent. Temperatures have changed and so have the number of people in the mountains and thus the condition of the pistes on ski tours. In the past, people had to rely much more on their instincts. You had to plan carefully, stick to traditional rules, and observe nature closely. Today, technology makes many things a lot easier. Nevertheless, mountain sports enthusiasts should keep an eye on the environment and not rely exclusively on technical aids," say the two mountain experts. 

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