Ben Kalra in Freeride-Action | ©, Mirja Geh
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3 Freeride Young Guns

The “young savages” of the freeriding scene

The “young savages” of the freeriding scene in the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterlemm Leogang Fieberbrunn. Powder and steep untouched slopes, pipes and obstacles, this is their playground. They display their talent at international competitions and in videos and are poised to be at the top.

Note: The story was written in 2016. Our "young savages" are still wild, but not that young anymore ;-)

The Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn has already produced some stars of the freeriding scene. Take the 29-year-old Sabine Schipflinger from Saalbach Hinterglemm or the 26-year-old snowboarder Clemens Bergmann from Fieberbrunn, these two experienced local athletes have properly established themselves in the freeriding scene. But who are the “Young Guns”, the young local heroes who are sponsored by Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Fieberbrunn and who rock the freeriding stage? “Saalbach Stories” asked the talented youngsters if they could find out more about their favourite traning spots in the Skicircus and their goals for the column “Die lässigen 3” [The cool 3] in a fast paced interview.


Lukas Müllauer

Freestyle Skier

The 19-year-old Lukas Müllauer from Saalfeld is the Austrian champion in the Halfpipe, in Slopestyle and Big Air. In winter 2016, he was able to seize 15th place in the Olympic Test Event in Korea and in 2015 he was 5th in the Halfpipe at the World Cup in New Zealand.


Lukas, can you tell us where your hotspots in the Skicircus are?

As a freestyle skier, it’s got to be the Nitro-Snowpark in Leogang and the Nightpark in Hinterglemm!


Do you still remember your “first time” in the Skicircus?

Yeah, I was only three years old. My parents took me in the button lift in Leogang. Apparently I just hung around and was hungry! J


Speaking of hunger, what’s on your dinner table when you come back to the ski hut after a day in the park?

A really big schnitzel and a glass of “Skiwasser”.


What are your goals for winter 2016/2017?

I definitely want to get through the season without getting injured and I want to do well in the World Championships in Spain!


What do you think makes the Skicircus unique?

The combination of snow parks, powder runs and perfect pistes! You can only find that here in the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn!

Jakob Ernst



The deep snow is the 18-year-old Jakob Ernst from Fieberbrunn’s prefered element. In the Freeride Word Tour Qualifyer in Montafon he got 6th place and ranked 5th overall in the Austrian Tour. And on top of that, Jakob Ernst has numerous booking for films and photoshoots to look forward to.


Jakob, you are where the powder is, but where is your favourite place to shred?

In my local area Fieberbrunn, and around the Wildseeloder mountain! Particularly from the front head on the Hochkogel is where I find the perfect conditions for shredding.


What do you think makes the Skicircus the perfect training ground?

The area has been developed perfectly with the mountain railways and the deep-snow downhill runs which are easy to get to and are really cool! There are so many possiblities here for freeriders in the Skicircus!


What are your sporting aims for this winter?

To get beautiful pictures at various photoshoots, and improve my tricks and obviously get involved in the Austrian Freeride Series!


Your most beautiful moment in the Skicircus is, ...

... when I go freeriding with the Snowgirls (the Fieberbrunn freeriding team) in perfect weather and snow conditions!


What can I only get in the Skicircus?

So many deep-snow downhill runs that are so easy to get to!

Benjamin Kalra



The 22-year-old Freerider Benjamin Kalra from Fieberbrunn is, in his own words, currently going through the process of maturing as an athlete, a process which is filled with ups & downs. At 16 Ben discovered freeriding and he loves pushing himself to his limits. He is currently active in the Freeride World Qualifier Tour as his main goal is to be a participant in the Freeride World Tour.


Ben, what do you think makes the Skicircus the ideal training ground?

The Skicircus gives me everything I need to train. There are very playful terrains but also very steep ones where you really shouldn’t fall. On snowy days we have fun underneath the treeline on the endless treeruns.


How do you end a day’s skiing?

Preferably in the “Gatterl”, the Wildapgatterl mountain inn, with a big plate of Käsespätzle [cheese noodles].


What are your three hotspots in the Skicircus?

Definitly the Marokka (Henne) at dawn. The western slopes of Kogl in Fieberbrunn when it just snowed. And last but not least the Loderrunde. These routes are only for people with experience and the appropriate avalanche equipment!


How does your summer training look?

Really intensive as I train six times a week. The Skicircus gives me the best options to train in the fresh air and to avoid the weight room. So, with some creativity, I can do really cool workouts at Timoks Alm on Streuböden Alm.


What was your most beautiful day in the Skicircus?

Every day is is a new and unique experience, doesn’t matter whether you are on or next to the pistes!