Glemmride Slopestyle | © Klemens König


Results Slopestyle 2018


The track leads over the legendary „Goaßstall“ slope onto an urban freeride course over the terrace and pool of the „5-star Hotel Alpine Palace“, to a jump over the creek and landing in front of the “Hotel Glemmtalerhof” directly at the centre of the festival.

As part of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour, the GlemmRide Slopestyle as an FMB Gold Event attracts riders from all over the world with the promise of providing the audience with a thrilling show.

The planning and construction of the course will once again be undertaken by Markus Hampl and the guys from Mellowpark along with some of our locals. The company responsible for the implementation of the Slopestyle course is none other than the firm Rasoulution, which guarantees a superlative Slopestyle event.



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Whole festival programme



Pre-qualifying on Friday: (2 runs, the better of the 2 counts)
Slopestylers with FMB experience and young talented riders can register with an application video under:
On Friday, 20 riders will compete against each other in the pre-qualifying round.

Qualifying on Saturday: (2 runs, the better of the 2 counts)
The best 9 riders from the pre-qualifying stage go through the qualifying stage on Saturday, where they will compete against the 15 top riders.

Finals: (2 runs, the better of the 2 counts)
The best 12 riders from the qualifying stage go through to the final which will take place in the evening. Here they will be able to perform their tricks in front of an audience of around 5.000 spectators.