Tree-top path - Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps - educational forest trail

The tree-top path and the Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps are a highlight for every nature lover! Enjoy a perspective high above in the trees and learn more about the inhabitants of the woods.

A highlight for nature lovers! Enjoy the airy treetops in the end of the valley with squirrels, sparrows and many more animals. Here you get a change of your perspective in the best possible way.Directly at the Lindlingalm you start over the Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps in the tree-top and nature trail. You cross the valley at a dizzying height and thus reach the timbered wooden structure of the tree-top path. This path brings you to the height of the treetops and ensures astonished moments and exciting perspectives. On the wooden circular path, you can learn more about the forest and its inhabitants on the forest nature trail, and funny skill games nvite you to take a break.