Tobogganging Reiterkogel

Lighted tobogganging (Lighted till 11 pm) - Ascent with the Reiterkogel lift

Ascent to the middle station with the Reiterkogel lift (Monday till Saturday from 18.30 - 21.00 opened).

ATTENTION: Passengers' own toboggans will not be transported! The toboggan run belonging to the lift company can be used only with toboggans belonging to the lift operator. Sledge rental per day (available at the Reiterkogel valley station) 6,00 EUR.  Deposite 30,00 EUR per toboggan.

Use of the cable-car (including evening ascent) is included in the valid skipass (except Ski Alpin Card and Salzburger Super Ski Card). One-way tickets available!