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Top 10 trails

With numerous freeride trails, epic nature trails, amusing pumptracks and endless forest trails Saalbach Hinterglemm offers just the right terrain for any mountain biker to spend the many days riding to their heart’s content. At every turn, new adventures are waiting to be discovered and explored. With this abundance of possibilities awaiting you, it is not always easy to choose the right route. The top 10 list of the most popular routes in Saalbach Hinterglemm serves as a guide:
Mountain biking in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Mia Knoll

#1: Hacklberg Trail

It is true what people say about the legendary Hacklberg Trail: a unique view, passages where you can confidently release the brake handle; perfect descents that make pedalling unnecessary, countless waves and jumps that provide for a lot of airtime and encourage riders to freestyle. The Hacklberg Trail starts on Schattberg mountain in Saalbach and leads through the Westgipfel peak to Hinterglemm. It is one of the most beautiful single tracks in the valley and has earned an excellent reputation beyond the borders of Austria. With a length of six kilometres, this panorama run is a true playground for mountain bikers. Together with the subsequent Buchegg Trail, this route combines the finest single tracks and ten kilometres of downhill fun at an altitude difference of 1,000 metres. Those who enjoy being a part of the community should ride the trail in the late afternoon. At that time of the day, the terraces of the mountain pastures along the trail are full of mountain bikers.

Bergstadt-Trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Moritz Ablinger

#2: Bergstadl Trail

The Bergstadl Trail on Schattberg mountain is a treat for both enduro riders and freeriders! In addition to the Hacklberg Trail starting further above, it is one of Saalbach Hinterglemm’s flagships. With a gondola, you go up to 2,000 metres above sea level to the Schattberg-X-press mountain station. Then, there’s a short passage where you have to push the bike across to the Westgipfel summit. After about 300 metres, the Bergstadl Trail veers off the Hacklberg Trail as it winds through bend after bend, through a postcard idyll, to Bergstadl. It is a more demanding alternative to the Hacklberg Trail and offers numerous technical features. This trail offers everything: fantastic scenery and breathtaking views, roots, rocks, sharp bends and longer passages that can be taken in one go. A lot of minor, technical challenges imposed by this delightful nature trail require full concentration and riding skills.

Saalbach Sommer Bike Enduro Downhill Wurzel Trail

#3: Wurzel Trail

The Wurzel Trail leads through a much quieter environment on the Kohlmais than most of the trails in Saalbach Hinterglemm. It feels as if you were miles away from the freeride area near the cable cars. The path, which is completely natural, connects the Kohlmaisgipfel peak with the Wildenkarkogel mountain and runs without a noticeable incline, but is full of roots and minor ups and downs along the mountain slopes. True to the motto “back to the roots”, this route was adapted from an old path and not specifically designed for bikers. East of the Kohlmaisgipfel peak and directly behind the 6-seater Panorama chair lift, the Wurzel Trail leads for miles and miles across forest and hiking trails with many tricky key points to Schönleitenhütte and Leogang. Root junkies will experience true moments of happiness here. For beginners, however, it may be a bit bumpy here and there.

Saalbach Sommer Bike Downhill X-Line | ©

#4: X-Line

The demanding X-Line is located on the northern side of Schattberg mountain which guarantees not only a steep terrain, but also a great view of Saalbach. With a length of over six kilometres and an altitude difference of 1,025 metres, X-Line twists from the mountain station to the valley station of Schattberg mountain, making it one of the longest freeride routes in Europe. From full-blooded Enduro riders to downhill crack bikers – everyone gets their money’s worth. Northshore elements and a stream with a wooden bridge which can also be jumped over, rocky passages, tricky root areas, a spectacular road gap and many more are among the absolute highlights. Thus, the X-Line does more than live up to its reputation as an intense, technical and demanding trail. After the first ride, you quickly get accustomed to the very special rhythm of this very popular trail.

Pro-Line in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Moritz Ablinger

#5: Pro line

The Pro Line on Reiterkogel mountain has it all! It is not without reason that it is a regular location of action-packed downhill races – such as the GlemmRide Bike Festival or Worldgames of Mountainbiking. The Pro Line is a perfect trail for extensive training sessions. It is an ideal place to improve both your speed and style. The trail makes it possible to accelerate out of bends, try new and different lines and attempt a wheelie. At the start, the Pro Line is characterised by narrow forest paths followed by rocky terrain and numerous Northshore elements. Berms, doubles, tables, drops, technical root passages as well as many jumps make the trail extremely action-packed and promise great fun.

#6: Blue Line

The Blue Line on Reiterkogel mountain packs plenty of action, not only for beginners. Even faster bikers appreciate the joyful routing and the flat slopes and they even don’t have to use the brakes. The features of the Blue Line are simple steep turns, small jumps, flat Northshore elements and some tables that beginners can easily take on. Some easy rock and root passages give great opportunity to try your hand at various types of terrain. Many beginners take their first steps in freeriding here. Although the Blue Line is classified as an “easy freeride”, it is a great deal of fun. Some sections also require certain biking skills.

#7: Monti Trail

The Monti Trail (former Milka Line), from the middle station of Kohlmais cable car down to Saalbach, is a beginner-friendly freeride route for bikers big and small. Full of jumps and a flowing route, it is ideal as a warm-up before venturing to take on bigger challenges such as the Pro Line or the X-Line. Thanks to some berms, wide curves, small wooden elements and a slight decline, it also enables beginners to start freeriding with ease and fun. Here, you can build up the necessary abilities and get used to your mountain bike before you go on to more challenging terrain. The Milka Line is also attractive for advanced bikers: Experienced bikers can work perfectly on their technique on curves and polish their style. The perfect whip or scrub is thus close at hand!

North-Shore auf der Z-Line | © Andreas Putz

#8: Z-Line

The beginning of the Z-Line is located directly at the middle station of Zwölferkogel cable car. Here, this simple to moderate freeride trail meanders downwards with a breathtaking view of Saalbach Hinterglemm valley. The trail runs across numerous berms, wall rides, Northshore passages as well as waves, tables and smaller jumps. There are plenty of alternative, easier routes along the way. The second wall ride with an integrated action snapshot station is undeniably the highlight of the route. Here, a spectacular souvenir photo is guaranteed! The photos can then be downloaded on Tour riders with appropriate protective clothing and trail experience also enjoy this route when going back to the valley after the successful summit ascend to Zwölferkogel mountain.

Ride with a View | © Moritz Ablinger

#9: Wieserauberg PumpTrack

Smooth ups and downs on a wavy route of the Wieserauberg pumptracks are great to train your economy of movement, provides cardio training and lots of fun. No wonder that the pumptracks are “in” – nowhere else will you find so much fun in the smallest of spaces. On the pumptrack, it is all about riding as many rounds as possible without pedalling – i.e. only by “pumping” the waves with your arms, and developing creative combinations on the waves, the steep turns and on the small tables. Beginners can also familiarise themselves with the terrain and the bikepark-like elements of the Wieserauberg pumptrack before letting one of the four cable cars take them into airy heights. A visit to the Wieserauberg pumptrack is always worthwhile, but especially when the cable cars are closed.

Hochalm-Trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Moritz Ablinger

#10: Hochalm Trail

Nestled in a breathtaking landscape, far from busy trails, at the head of the Hinterglemm valley on Hochalm Trail, you are as close to nature as nowhere else. The trail was specially designed for riders who are keen to tackle tall heights. The start is only 500 metres up from the Reiterkogelbahn cable car station. Once you’ve reached the top, there is a reward near the Reichkendlkopf summit: An almost endless downhill run through the picturesque landscape of the Pinzgau Grass Mountains with an awesome route. With small obstacles, river crossings, sharp bends, light root and stony areas, this trail has everything that makes a biker’s heart beat faster. The route ends at the end of the valley, from where you can comfortably cycle back to Saalbach Hinterglemm and the Ossmannalm Trail.