Sportliche Gipfelwanderung in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Daniel Roos Sportliche Gipfelwanderung in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Daniel Roos

Home of Lässig Walk

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Into the Wild 


With around 1,700 metres of altitude difference, 5 summits and a length of approximately 22 kilometres, the “Home of Lässig” Walk leads into a true natural spectacle. The Hinterglemm valley head is an ideal refuge for hikers — far, far away from any of the lifts and cycling trails. Although the route does include a few summits that are especially popular with the locals, this U-shaped tour through the valley basis provides plenty of moments of peace and tranquillity. This is the home of the chamois, the marmots, the stags and even the occasional golden eagle couple can be seen circling around the mountains while on their hunt. 


Starting at the parking area in Lengau, take a light walk to the Lindlingalm mountain pasture to warm up. After around 200 metres, take a left over the Birgl to the Schusterscharte ridge. The path is quite steep and continues on an elevation of 1,985 metres above sea level, but this is already most of the elevation that you will have to climb during this tour. You will be protected by shade for the remainder of the climb, which is a great advantage during the summer. From the Schusterscharte ridge, you will have an easier time, for the trail is now relatively flat and leads to Mittagskogel mountain along a gorgeous plateau and then even continues downhill to the gate. With your energy restored, you will now have to challenge the next big climb to the Teufelssprung (“Devil’s Leap”). The view at this rocky spot is simply amazing and according to legend, the devil had a big showdown with the local herdsmen here. After 4 hours or so of hiking, we suggest taking a little break and grabbing something to eat before making your way to what is perhaps the best part of the whole hike. 


Wandern in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Stefan Voitl

The Saalbach Hiking Challenge

3 long distance tours - 64 kilometres - 3.800 height metres
Sportliche Gipfelwanderung in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Daniel Roos

Seven Summits

Stamina needed: 7 peaks high above Saalbach Hinterglemm on one day

Pinzgau Walk

Panoramic tour from the Schattberg to the Schmittenhöhe

Special moments with special views


The ridge walk from the Teufelssprung to the Gamshag mountain is simply amazing. Looking down on one side, you will see the entire Glemmtal valley. Westward, you will be able to spot the bordering province of Tyrol. Even the Wilder Kaiser mountain can be seen from here. Further south, the white summits of the three-thousanders of the Hohe Tauern range can be admired, whilst you will see the Steinberge mountains further north. Although at an elevation of 2,178 metres above sea level, there is barely much uphill climbing to be done on your way to the Gamshag mountain and time and time again, you will encounter little ponds and mountain lakes shimmering in the sunlight. To experience one of these picturesque mountain lakes, the Hochtorsee lake, walk down for around 200 metres after taking in the Gamshag summit. Here, you can take another break by dipping your feet into the cold and refreshing mountain water. After another brief climb down to the Toralm mountain pasture, the clearly marked hiking trail continues uphill again.

Sportliche Gipfelwanderung in Saalbach Hinterglemm | © Daniel Roos

The sunrise classic


The Tristkogel at 2,095 metres above sea level is not only one of the valley head’s most striking summits but also a popular destination for sunrise aficionados. The uphill journey is quite steep and one should bring along sufficient surefootedness and leave the vertigo at home. The descent from this rocky summit leads down through the Saaljoch ridge. However, with the next summit — the Saalkogel — the hike takes on a more relaxed attitude again. The final summit on the tour is the Staffkogel, especially popular with hiking fans in the winter, where both the uphill as well as the downhill routes lead around the Oberreiterjoch ridge. After around 8 hours of marching, take the opportunity at the Ossmannalm mountain pasture to look back on the kilometres that you have conquered and finally reach the valley floor at the Lindlingalm mountain pasture again. Take some well-deserved rest at one of the rustic huts and let the hosts treat you with local specialities before returning to the parking space in Lengau either by foot or taking the valley head train.

The Saalbach Hiking Challenge


Who will conquer the Glemmtal valley’s three long-distance hiking highlights: the “Seven Summits”, the “Pinzgau Walk” and the “Home of Lässig Walk”? 

If you manage to conquer all of these three long-distance hikes during a single summer visit or holiday trip, you will receive a special gift.