Kids Hiking Challenge

Five paths - one challenge

Hike - punch - get your reward


The Kids Hiking Challenge combines four interesting theme trails and a mountain hike to create a motivating experience for the whole family. For each hike, three control stations (see picture on the left) with tweezers have to be found, where the little hikers collect points for the Kids Hiking Challenge Pass by punching holes.


A path is considered to have been completed as soon as all three symbols have been punched.



The five paths of the Kids Hiking Challenge
  • Treetop Path
  • Motivity Path
  • Educational Hiking Trail
  • Fairytale Forest
  • Schattberg Summit Roundwalk (Attention: This hike is comparatively difficult and demands sure footedness)
The Rewards
  • Bronze medal for 2 paths
  • Silver Medal for 3 paths
  • Gold Medal for 4-5 paths

Kids hiking Challenge Flyer & control chart Download