Leg of venison in salt dough | © Christoph Burgstaller
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Leg of venison in salt dough

From the forest to the plate

It's getting wild! Since 1 May the hunting season has started again and fresh game is now very popular with connoisseurs. Robert Mair from Vorderglemm is not only a passionate hunter - he is also a chef in his hotel Tiroler Buam.

Game is healthy. The game spends its life in native forests - far away from stress and medication. Its meat is lean, high in protein and low in calories. The health-conscious gourmet is also pleased that the meat is very low in cholesterol. Robert Mair has a recipe ready for all chefs who want to think outside the box with venison ragout and roast venison.

Creative cuisine

Robert Mair likes to experiment with a culinary view beyond his own nose and describes his cuisine as a mixture of traditional Austrian and contemjaporary international cuisine. And when the family man isn't just swinging his cooking spoon or stalking his hunting ground, the creative gastronome takes his personal time out jogging along the Saalach or on racing bike tours. "I pay attention to the highest quality of all products and so it makes sense to use the probably healthiest meat, venison, when cooking. If possible, I go into the forest myself to gather mushrooms, berries and herbs or to hunt them. I like to cook with venison. On the one hand through my passion for hunting, on the other hand because it is strongly anchored in our region. For the recipe of the leg of venison I have chosen a very gentle cooking method and contemporary lean preparation: roasting in the salt crust.

Leg of venison in salt dough

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people
1 leg of venison
3 tbsp butter
2 tbsp. Mairs wild spice
1 tbsp Meaux mustard
9 pcs. eggwhite
4 tablespoons flour
1.5 kg coarse sea salt
½ knob celery
fresh thyme, rosemary and oregano


Stir the butter until foamy and mix with the game seasoning and meaux mustard, rub in the loin of venison (thigh and pelvic bones are removed first). Cut half the celery into thin slices and blanch briefly. Lightly beat the egg whites and mix with the flour and sea salt. Prepare a baking paper, pour some of the salt mixture onto the paper and place a few thin celery slices on top. Put the leg of venison on top and season with fresh herbs. Cover the leg of venison with the remaining celery slices and coat with the remaining sea salt mass, then place in a ball grill and cook at about 150 °C for 1-1.5 hours. The core temperature should be 56-60°C.

Spice tip: Mairs wild spice 

60 g black peppercorns
80 g pimento grains
50 g juniper berries
30 g caraway seeds
130 g coriander seeds
20 g smoked paprika powder

Preparation Wild spice
Lightly fry all spices except the paprika powder in a large pan, let cool on a plate and grind to the desired grain size with a mortar. Then add the smoked paprika powder. The spice can be stored for several months in a Rex glass in a dry and light-protected place.

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