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A cool wellness trip into the woods

The forest wellness trail is perhaps not the first attraction that one would spontaneously recommend to young visitors of the "Generation TikTok"? Far from it! Find out why an excursion to the forest wellness trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm is worthwhile for discoverers of all ages.

When I received an inquiry about a joint project by Matty Mairhofer - a big name in the Austrian TikTok universe - the question immediately arised: Which spots in Saalbach Hinterglemm are ideal for TikTok videos?


What works for Instagram, YouTube and Facebook can't easily be moved to this new modern TikTok thing I've been working on for Saalbach for some time now. Nevertheless, it is clear: TikTok without Saalbach? Never! The official Saalbach channel on TikTok is becoming more and more popular. So working together with a professional is just right.

The forest wellness trail as TikTok creative space

When Matty reveals that creatively staged food always works well on TikTok, I remember the final scene of our forest wellness video (you can watch the whole video at the bottom): A picnic on the mountain. Score! And everything else that the forest wellness trail has to offer seemed to be of interest to Matty as well. But is Waldwellness the right topic for the on average very young TikTok audience? Let's find out!


One week later we are sitting together in the gondola of the Reiterkogel gondola. After a short hike - passing the wild herb trail & Alpine flower garden - we arrive at the beginning of the forest wellness trail.


One thing is quickly clear: Forest wellness is pretty cool.


What makes TikTok tick?

Let's ask Matty: "As one of the first Lifestyle & Travel Content Creators on TikTok, I didn't quite know how the situation of the social media platform, which is all about the most creative videos possible, would develop. Sure, but I could already see a certain trend back then. At that time, I already knew that creative 9:16 videos with cool music would conquer the social media. And that's exactly what TikTok is today: creativity is rewarded. The more unusual an idea, the greater the chance of a viral video."

Yoga platforms and hammocks in the forest

The heart of the forest wellness trail is the area in the middle of the forest, where several hammocks, yoga platforms and even a forest library are located.


Even before we get there, the more than 200-year-old forest provides photo and video motifs at every corner of the soft forest ground. The forest is a fascinating world for all ages. For children as a huge playground, for adults as an invigorating place for sports activities or for regeneration and relaxation. And for TikTokers and other creative minds, the forest is an inexhaustible source of ideas for content production.


After only a short time in the forest, you will notice the positive effects of this special place at 1700 m above sea level. One becomes somehow calmer and relaxed without consciously relaxing. 


How did Matty Mairhofer find our forest wellness tour?

"Home of Lässig: From biking and skiing to pure relaxation at the forest wellness trail. There is probably no better fitting slogan for the Saalbach Hinterglemm region in the beautiful Salzburger Land. Recently, my best friend Philipp and I were able to experience the Waldwellnessweg for the first time together with Saalbach in a TikTok cooperation. To the unlimited relaxation possibilities that a forest offers, such as the fresh forest air, the chirping of birds and the cooling effect, additional relaxation and experience possibilities were added. By far my favourite of these were the cosy hammocks. With an interesting book from our own forest library, you can forget your everyday life for a short time and relax. The highlight of our forest wellness tour was the picnic basket!"


  • Matty's forest wellness Video on TikTok
Picnic with a view

Forest wellness makes you hungry! The picnic basket, ordered at the Reiteralm, is just right. If picnic is not your thing, several huts with good food on the Reiterkogel invite you to stay and enjoy! Panorama is included everywhere.


Info for your visit


  • Ascent with the Reiterkogel gondola - alternatively hike from Hinterglemm to the Reiteralm
  • You should plan 2-3 hours for your visit
  • The visit of the forest wellness trail is free of charge

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