• Summer outdoor activities

Pumptrack Reiterkogel

open today

Whoever pumps, rides better...

Bikers use the bike technique and practice area on the Reiterkogel lift top station with the two pumptracks (Speedring and Worldcup) and the cool skill trail from PZ Pumptrack OG to improve their riding skills, to train the upper arms or just for a short warm-up / final lap before encountering bigger adventures. Who pumps, rides better, safer and longer.


The two pumptracks (Parkitect) will train your balance, strength and endurance. You also gain routine on the various sport equipments. Mountain biking beginners get their first experiences in a safe environment with waves, jumps and banked turns.


And the additional skill trail with elements such as step-up wave, kicker, roots, flat-curve, high-curve, etc. provides first practical experience for the upcoming beginner-friendly routes like Blue-Line and Monti-Trail.


No matter whether a skateboarder, inline skater, scooter driver or mountain biker. No matter whether big, small, old or young. No matter whether in a group, with a bike technique guide, as a family or single rider. Anyone can shred here have a lot of fun doing it.