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Funslope Zwölferkogel

The Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn offers two great attractions for the whole family – called “Funslope Zwölfer“ and  “Funslope U-Bahn“. With their fun twisters, banked turns and waves, the two Funslopes turn every day on the mountain into an unforgettable experience. And the best thing is that every guest – no matter if beginner or experienced skier or snowboarder – finds an exciting alternative to the carving fun on the wonderful slopes of the Skicircus.


Meet & Greet with SLOPY

Apart from the action-packed runs, the Funslope Zwölfer and the Funslope U-Bahn tempt you with a very special highlight for the little guests. “Slopy”, the cheeky Funslope dweller shows up from end of December on several dates from 10.00 am for a discovery adventure through the Funslopes for both kids and grown-ups. And of course, he’s looking forward to taking photos with his fans. It will always start at the Funslope Zwölfer and then Slopy will head over to the Funslope U-Bahn so he can take memorable and hilarious shots with his fans there too. Swing by on the following days and don’t miss out on the fun get-together!

  • December: 30.12.2023
  • January: 03.01., 06.01.2024
  • February: 07.02., 10.02., 14.02., 17.02., 21.02., 24.02.2024
  • March: 30.03.2024

Funslope Zwölfer

The first attraction consists of two parts located next to the B5 Zehner 6-seater and is accessible via the B1+B2 12er KOGEL lift. In detail: you hop off at the B1+B2 12er KOGEL top station, ride towards the B5 Zehner 6-seater and the Funslope Zwölfer’s lower part entrance will come up.

Here, you can speed into fast banked curves, dynamic snow waves, little jumps and last but not least an impressive giant fun twister made entirely out of snow. This highlight will spin you around and eventually get you to the exit through a snow tunnel. Enjoy the remaining run towards the base station of the B5 Zehner 6-seater, hop on and right at the top station of the chairlift you’ll find the Funslope’s entrance.

Here, you start by riding through a mysterious snow tunnel followed by a “speedboost“ which will get you to Funslope speed. Then, you cruise through banked curves and snow waves until you meet the Funslope dweller “Slopy“ at the bottom of the run who will be more than happy to give you a well-deserved high five. Now you just have to follow the slope and the fun goes on at the lower part of the Funslope.


Funslope U-Bahn

You’ll find the second Funslope next to the A9 Unterschwarzach lift and here, a very special adventure is waiting for you. Just like its partner attraction – the Funslope Zwölfer – the Funslope U-Bahn offers two exciting and diverse sections. However, the Funslope U-Bahn can’t exclusively be ridden during daytime, but also after dark! Thanks to the floodlights along the run the Funslope is brightly lit even when the sun has set. So, it’s just the right thing for all night owls who can’t get enough and want to push back their last turns of the day.

At the upper part of the Funslope U-Bahn, a classic Funslope at its best is waiting for you – with a “speedboost”, snow waves, a rapid banked turn, a tunnel and numerous “Low-Fives” you can clap as you pass by. Follow the regular slope until you see the second section of the Funslope – located right next to the snowpark and the tubing area. 

Banked curves let you gain the right speed before you get spinned around by the snowy fun twister and eventually a true family park opens up in front of you. Here you can find a fantastic combination of easy snowpark features, mini jumps and more Funslope attractions like snow waves and banked turns.