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NEW from July 2022: Escape Trail "Path of the Smugglers"

In the year 1765: Anna the smuggler sends a call for help - accidentally to the year 2022.

Young Anna fights for her place in the men's domain of the sumpters with a certified patent and all her courage. On the road with her mules, fully loaded with brandy, she is caught by Sergeant Konrad without a patent and without a wine list and imprisoned for smuggling. Theft? Johann the packer and Michl the innkeeper corroborate the accusation with their statements, but Reverend Thaddeus finds this suspicious.


He summons Konrad, Johann and Michl to confession. He has to keep the confession secret, but has the three men deliver their confessions in writing. The three "confessions" are blocked. Thaddeus "forgets" them during a visit to Anna's cell and casually drops puzzling clues that would probably help to open them. Anna cannot solve them alone...


In the year 2022: Teresa has inherited from her recently deceased grandfather Simon an antique carrying frame that once belonged to the mule maker Anna.

Simon had shared a great secret with Teresa: his totally crazy, magical and, according to all the laws of nature, impossible communication with Anna, who is sitting in a cell in the Saalbach watchtower in 1765 and whose letter turned up one day in the stuff box of the carrying frame. They were able to send letters and things back and forth between the centuries, were in lively exchange, and Simon had long tried to help her and solve the confession riddles. Recently, a new clue arrived in the magic box! Teresa can't take care of it, though, and took everything to the Saalbach tourist office. Who can help her? 


General Information
  • Escape Trails are a mixture of adventure, scavenger hunt and puzzle rally embedded in a rousing story. Players who want to immerse themselves in these stories face a mission together. The games are played against the backdrop of the Glemmtal mountains, as part of a short hike or an (e-) bike tour, and with plenty of excitement and fun. The games are suitable for small groups of 2 to a maximum of 8 people and last between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the game, fitness and skill level.
  • The games start at the Tourism Service Centre, where the players pick up their game set, which is in a rucksack or hunchback. Along the way, they will find clues and information that will help them solve puzzles, pick locks and thus, piece by piece, make the contents of the game set accessible, learn more and more about the story, read mysterious maps, find messages, decipher secret messages and much more.

NEW from July 2022: Escape Trail "Path of the Smugglers"

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