Storybase Saalbach | © Daniel Roos

Storybase Summer 2019

1 Mountain  Hut | 7 Days | 8 Explorers
Welcome to the Storybase! Between June 15 and 22 2019, eight storytellers and creative heads will travel to Saalbach Hinterglemm in order to explore everything the region has to offer in Summer. Of course they'll share their experiences with the world.
Several influencers will experience an amazing journey to Saalbach Hinterglemm and share their stories via Blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. We will accompany the crew members with our channels to see how they explore the area. The top priorities will be fun, individuality and authenticity. We see the Storybase project also as a kind of "Mini Influencer Convention", as there will be enough space for exchange of experiences and networking with other crew members.

The Crew

Storybase Sommer 2019 Saalbach - Zuzanna Marchlewska

Zuzanna Marchlewska (PL)

My name is Zuza. I am in love with mountains and waves. And wherever I go I simply try to find a way to spend my time there in an active way with one of my favourite sports. I simply believe that the adrenaline rush allows me to experience the beauty of the world better and remember it forever.


Storybase Sommer 2019 Saalbach - Ruben van Vreckem

Ruben van Vreckem (BE)

I’m a 22 years old photographer based in Belgium who’s mostly inspired by the mountains ,the ocean and the open road. After getting a bachelor degree in photography last year, I’ve been been working as a freelance photographer who’s part time living in his van, traveling around Europe. Besides photography I’m into skateboarding & surfing.   


Storybase Sommer 2019 Saalbach - Rene Wiesinger

Rene Wiesinger (AT)

My name is Rene, also Renschii, I am 32 years old and come from Upper Austria. Actually, I don't see myself as an "influencer" at all, rather as a "tour guide", because I simply love the variety in the mountains. No matter if it's a comfortable hike, real mountaineering, trail running, climbing or - in winter - a snowshoe or ski tour, it's always a great feeling to reach a (new) summit. I couldn't imagine a life without the mountains anymore, because, in short, I just feel like home in the mountains. I'm really looking forward to the Storybase, even if it's new territory for me - but, who cares, let's start the adventure.


Storybase Sommer 2019 Saalbach - Katharina Steglegger

Katharina Steglegger (AT)


Grias Enk, as we Austrians say! I'm Kat, a freelance journalist & Content Creator from the Heart of Austria, based part-time in Munich. I grew up in the Mountains, right next to deep freshwater lakes and this unique mix still makes my heart beat faster. That’s why my Blog is called BERGSEENSUCHT. Really looking forward to exploring Saalbach for the first time in Summer - happy to share my outdoor passion as part of the Storybase Crew! Join me to see Home of Lässig from a different perspective…


Storybase Sommer 2019 Saalbach - Bettina Brunauer

Bettina Brunauer (AT)

I am Betti, I come from Salzburg and for me the mountains are my second home. I like to spend every free minute hiking, mountaineering or climbing. The pride after a summit victory and the associated feeling of freedom motivate me every time anew, and often I am rewarded with great sunrises or sunsets.


Storybase Sommer 2019 Saalbach - Andrzej Marchlewski

Andrzej Marchlewski (PL)

I'm Andrzej - I love all action sports, from mountain biking, through surfing and skiiing to skydiving. While doing all of this I always hold a camera in my hands. I started with first camera phones, moved to GoPro, now I travel with a bags full of professional equipment. I simply connot not make content.


Storybase Sommer 2019 Saalbach - Felix Hens

Felix Hens (DE)

I am a freelance journalist, photographer, copywriter, outdoor enthusiast: My name is Felix "Fy" Hens. The outdoors is my home and love everything that has to do with nature and sports. When I'm not holding my camera in my hands, I write for clients like Mountain Bike Rider Magazine. At Storybase 2019, I'm particularly looking forward to combining the different talents.


Storybase Saalbach - Simeon Baker

Simeon Baker


I am a self-taught photographer based in Europe who’s work has a focus on landscape, outdoor adventure, and alternative living lifestyles. After moving from Australia to Europe and being on the road playing music around Europe in my late teen years, I grew a love and passion for photography and the outdoors while exploring some of the most beautiful and unique parts of the world. My images are punctuated by magnificent landscapes and moments of adventure, while living freely on the road.



Storybase Saalbach powered by BMW | © Lukas Schlösser

Many thanks to our long-term partner BMW for supporting the Storybase Crew with two brand-new BMW xDrive models. With these cars, the crew will be able to reach even the far-away photo spots of the Home of Lässig easily.


Heading on the mountain for a spontaneous sunset shoot? No problem!


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