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Support the "Butterfly Children"

Marathon bikers pedalling for a good cause! "Butterfly Children" live in pain on a daily basis with an incurable illness called epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Even the slightest contact with the skin can lead to blistering and open wounds. Often the mucous membranes in the mouth, eyes and digestive tract are affected.

Support the "Butterfly Children" with a bike sponsorship at the World Games, and raise an amount of 1 € per kilometre for one or more bikers! All donations are transferred directly to the DEBRA Austria association, an association that supports Butterfly Children. For starters in the Junior Trophy & KIDS Downhill, there is a fixed donation of € 10, for Downhill € 30. For the marathon, the donations depends on the distance. For bikers who are participating in several disciplines, the discipline with the highest "value" will be taken for the kilometre donation!
An important contribution has been made to support „Butterfly Children“ over the last few years.


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