• 06. 03. 2023
  • 19:00 - 21:00 h
  • Saalbach

MANASLU (8163m) - avalanches of emotions

Marlies and Andi give a blunt impression of what they experienced on their expedition to Manaslu in autumn 2022. How exotic it is to be in the middle of mass tourism with no Sherpas and oxygen tanks on the way up.

What deep emotions you experience when you separate as a couple just below the summit - and only one completes this dream.


Marlies is the first Austrian woman to climb all 4000m mountains in the Alps. She and Andy have been full-time campers in a converted van for the past four years. She as an alpine author, he as a photographer, they are living their dream of freedom!


Let yourself be carried away on a gripping adventure in the depths of the Himalayas!


For whom: All members of the Home of Lässig TEAM Card - free of charge


When: Monday, 06.03.23 at 7 p.m


Where: In the Saalbach Tourist Office (seminar room)

Glemmtaler Landesstr. 550

5753 Saalbach


Duration: approx. 2 hours


Registration: contact Alex until Friday 03.03.23 a.steiner@saalbach.com

MANASLU (8163m) - avalanches of emotions

Glemmtaler Landesstr. 550, 5753 Saalbach